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For some reason, when summer is just beginning to come to its end, the hands themselves are beginning to reach out to autumn shades, although, even there is still the opportunity to conduct and convey the favorite summer colors. But, despite the fact that the fall season has just begun, I am already “deep” into it) Company I is favorite lipstick, Shiseido Rouge Rouge in shade Murrey, therefore, offer subject to talk about it.

✔ Design

Because the lipstick I have presented a mini – version, design it the be under: very minimal, compared to the full version is a simple black plastic case, which shows the logo of the brand. Lipstick came to me in red cardboard box which contains a lot of information about the product, until the composition and Russian stickers.

Cover tightly to the tube, opens/closes without any effort, the magnets on the base cover as in the full version – no. The mechanism of the twisting stick is working properly, the walls of the case does not hurt.

✔ Shade

Tint of Murrey is a rather discreet red — berry mix, when the shade on the lips, I personally see coral notes yet. To stick the color looks more saturated on the lips less intense it seems.

shade Murrey

Shade doesn’t seem to be bright and formal looks during the day are very appropriate, emphasizing the makeup and creating the emphasis. Sometimes, when I really lazy to put on makeup, I can just put on lipstick and to wear glasses 🙂 it’s quite highly pigmented, well-tolerated,

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can at the first layer to cover the natural lip shade, shade it is possible to layer, but lipstick can hide in the folds and assembled in a strip of mucous membrane. For me, that honestly is not very critical, because these defects completely invisible and shoot macro I am with lipstick just for writing a post 🙂 Oh, and if you blot the lips with tissue, then this unpleasant incident can be immediately eliminated because during the socks lipstick to gather will be gone.

shade Murrey

The line represented 16 shades, so everyone will be able to choose your shade of red.

✔ Texture

The lipstick has a very soft and creamy texture that is insanely easy to apply, it is like sliding over them, not plesivec, do not pull lips over him, bleeding beyond the boundaries of the contour, so that you can safely do without a pencil. The finish gives a slightly glossy, but in the process of wear, it turns into velvet, which is still to be imprinted.

If, for example, the lipstick applied with fingers, as if driving it, it is possible to get an even matte finish. With any finish, the lipstick is on your lips, tightens and dries them, but I will not say that the lips feel the hydration or nutrition.

shade Murrey

✔ Aroma

Missing, no odorant is not felt.

✔ Volume

2.5 g., full version – 4 gr.


Durability is great – lipstick stably withstand 3 to 4 hours with a light snack, after which the lipstick will have a matte finish and will be felt on the lips. I like how lipstick leaves lips, like the shade evenly fade and fade until they completely razed with the natural color of the lips.

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Lipstick, like its noble shade of red, I really like it, so it rightfully took pride of place in the autumn purse. Yes, I have some objections to her behavior on lips, flowing in folds and gathering in the strip from the mucosa, therefore, will remove 1 point and rest – she’s just beautiful.

Term of use: about 2 weeks

Cost: full price: 2 100 rubles

Rating: 4

And what shade you meet autumn?

Thank you for your attention.

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