Lipstick, which has become almost a classic. Rouge Dior Couture Colour Lipstick Comfort & Wear No. 999 Matte

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All good winter day! Very rarely wear red lipstick, most often with clothes in white, then red lipstick if doesn’t add age. With one of the orders in THEM I got a miniature classic red, plus it is matte! And I want to show once again that shade)

Weight miniature 1.5 g, lipstick has a very strong “lipstick” scent, reminiscent of mum’s lipstick. It is possible that it was the same brand)

Packaging is an exact replica of its full-sized and I was always touched by how cute they are, these little sweets)

The color is classic red. Does not go into raspberries, carrot or tomato. Red, but chameleonic depending on skin tone, hair, lighting.

Cold daylight
In the shadows

The finish is matte, no wet or satin Shine. Applied very easily, the skin is not pull. Immediately covers its own pigment. Lips does not dry out, but if there is peeling, can emphasize them. Not running over the lines and rolls with white stripes.

Stand coffee, but after the rolls wear out the middle of a really pale powdery texture of lipstick will readily repaving)

After waking up from a nightmare involving a clown (nothing new???? ), allow yourself non-standard use. Quite good on some koshmara-holiday)

In teniu window

Very nice lip product, and if not very bright color for me, she would have joined the ranks of favorites. If you pay attention to other matte lipstick brand????

Rating: 5

Price: about 2000 RUB. for use this product (discounts)

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