Liquid eyeliner Catrice Eye’ Matic Dip Liner Deep Black

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Liquid eyeliner never makes me full of confidence. But being outside of his native country, choose eyeliner had from the range of nearest store. So in my mind appeared eyeliner Catrice Eye Liner Matic Dip. Have we been able to make friends, read under the cut ????

The design standard for such products — compact elongated bottle of glossy plastic. Silver labels with the times a bit overwritten.

The volume is 3.5 ml.

Eyeliner comes only in one shade — It’s Black Friday. It is a deep and beautiful black. Pigmentation on top, provides a smooth and rich color from the first stroke.

The finish is matte.

The consistency of optimal thickness, easy to slide and stretch to century. The line is uniform, no dash trouble. Freezes eyeliner quickly, but this is enough time to correct small flaws.

For a long time I avoided liquid eyeliner side, I was just unpleasant to use them. After hardening they pulled the eyelid, it prickled the skin. In the case of this instance any inconvenience or discomfort was observed.

Felt brush with slightly pointed tip. Perhaps lovers of very thin arrows, it might seem a little stout. You get used to it. For me it is not difficult to draw lines of any thickness depending on the mood and makeup.

The durability of the liner, I was pleasantly surprised. It does not crack or crumble during the day, even in the corners of her eyes, all previous instances of this sin. Not printed on stationary century. But getting rained on or swimming in the pool obviously will not survive. But again, in my experience, this is the problem with all liquid eyeliners.

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Makeup with eyeliner Catrice Eye’ MaticLiner Dip:

Summing up I can say that the liner I liked. A great combination of affordable price and good quality. If I again have to buy liquid eyeliner, it is likely that I would repeat the purchase.

Price: around 3€


Use life: more than 3 months

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