Liquid eyeshadow Dior Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow Liquid Christmas Holiday 2019: review, Swatch

Today I want to share with you my impressions of the new liquid eyeshadow Liquid Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow from the Christmas collection makeup Dior Makeup Collection 2020 Happy Christmas Holiday 2019.

I bought 2 shades:

  • 060 Silver Flakes shining dark grey;
  • 080 Firewords — radiant pink.

I can say that both beautiful! And both are very shining!

The technical characteristics of these shades on top. They are doing great without a base, do not roll down in the crease, glitter flaking. But there is a caveat — these shadows should be the final touch to the makeup, apply evenly and don’t touch it, otherwise, if already dry shadows that you can drive with a brush, the glitter will fall off. If you do not touch them with a brush, it is great hold all day like a shadow, and glitter. Personally, I prefer to put them directly on a bare eyelid, without any of the other substrates of the shadow and gently smudge with your finger. Paint only on the mobile eyelid, because they are very much Shine and if applied all over the eyelid, then, in my opinion, there is already too much.

Grab them pretty quickly, but manage to blend quite real. The thinner the layer the faster freeze.

The color intensity can be varied — you can apply a little and blend in a mist, or put a little more, and then there will be intense color. Well multiply.

If you apply shadow applicator as arrows not shaded (as in Swatch on hand), they will give a pearly glow. If they smudge with your finger, they sparkle, and sparkle very much. Specially made Swatch on the eyes in the dynamics, to see how sparkling these shadows. Video Swatch look at the carousel.


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This sparkling effect I have previously seen only in very old palette Chanel 95 Sparkling Satins, which is also loved for its Shine.

So if you think you can buy them on every day, only if you do not mind the strong glow on the eyes for everyday wear. In General they are not everyday, namely, festive, evening.

And another important advantage — it removes the shadow is also very good. It often happens that the sequins are hard to remove, they are smeared all over his face, but these shadows don’t happen. I removed the micellar water, and all the sequins remain on the cotton disk.

In General, the shade is great on all counts! Glad I bought them!

To purchase the shade Liquid Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow in (I ordered it there),

Who else bought these shadows? How do you like the new?


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