“Liquid gold” in the J’adore by Dior

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I think many will agree with me that every fashion house is known not only for its iconic designs of clothing and accessories, but iconic fragrances that often characterizes a whole epoch, sometimes even several. Chanel No. 5, Guerlain Shalimar, L’eau par Kenzo, Light Blue by Dolce & Gabanna — the list is very long. Fashion house Christian Dior, in spite of striking and certainly memorable in recent years is with Natalie Portman, more often than not, I associate with the scent of J’adore Dior, and below, I’ll tell you why I decided to have it in your collection.

First, a little dry statistics:

  • J’adore Eau de Parfume by Dior was first established in 1999
  • belongs to the group floral-fruity

On the official website of the brand now presents a rather dry fragrance and, I think, updated:

  • top note — essence of ylang-ylang from the Comoros
  • the heart notes essence of damask rose
  • base note — Sambac Jasmine and Grasse Jasmine

Earlier fragrance included (includes?) the notes of fruit (peach, tangerine, pear, plum) and vanilla and musk. Nonetheless, J’adore is one of the most popular perfumes of Dior. And next year will mark the 20th anniversary. But let’s leave the statistics and talk about feelings.

some photos of fine bottle

I first became acquainted with this perfume it seems in 2011, as a student. It immediately attracted me with its femininity and the status that I felt, allowing myself to wear it in University. Sounds ridiculous and you’d think I hadn’t grown to that flavor. But the main thing not age, and certainly not the status, but how you feel, choosing a particular perfume. I felt myself a Hollywood diva, no less ???? But J’adore Dior will fit a young girl and a grown woman. My mom wearing this perfume, in the same way as I do — and this is the rare case where we agree ????

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And if you leave jokes, J’adore Dior it’s about the French Riviera, in late summer, when flowers and fruits have yielded the most succulent fruits and you can enjoy their flavors, walking along the coast in the rays of the sunset, be sure barefoot, in a white cotton dress, length just below the knee. Or on a warm August night to go to a deserted beach and swim in the sea, and how the same is with Charlize Theron, to remain clad only in J’adore Dior. A fragrance that gives you confidence and sensuality, day and night.

On me this perfume reveals more flowers, especially Jasmine and a little less rose. Fruits and sweets I do not feel at all, just persistent (about 10 hours) floral fragrance. But it later some time after. Opening the elegant bottle, I always knocked down some dizzying wave of aromas, come to mind thoughts about the sea. Although I wouldn’t call this perfume from Dior classic easy borisovym aroma in the style of the same Light Blue from D&G, for example. But J’adore, I feel as if you’ve spent the day on the beach, absorbed the smells of sea and sand, and the skin warmed up under the hot sun, and this here is the essence of the whole summer, leaving the heat as if hovering around me when I’m in this perfume. But with all these very old associations, I think this fragrance year-round. After all, who cares what’s outside the window when wearing it, you can always go back in the summer and warm memories? ????

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Searching for the associative array for this perfume, I stumbled on advertising…who would have thought Charlize Theron in the updated version of the legendary perfume. And you know, this picture captures my feelings from the J’adore Dior, with the sea in the sunshine just like the “liquid gold” that is so nice to have which is so nice to dress up.

photo taken from the official website of the brand Dior

Price: 4000-5000 rubles for 30 ml.

Rating: 5

Girls, thank you for your attention, my name is Christina, and me on “you”.

Tell me, have you found your beloved perfume?

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