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For many people of my generation Chupa Chups nostalgia for childhood, and get past the cosmetics, resembling the candy, just impossible. Today I want to show lipstick tint Lip Locker Chupa Chups Raspberry, which is able to make lips natural or very bright. Any request — one way))

Packing Tinta reminds candy, is virtually identical to its form. The sponge is soft, comfortable, small and neat tool deals. The limiter in a bottle allows you to dial the tint in a small amount.

The formula I love, especially Korean, in the first place for their resilience and for something that is not felt on the lips. Chupa Chups just like that. I especially like the ability to vary the result: finger I will distribute a small quantity of Tinta and get juicy, but almost natural lips, applying with a sponge layer, more bright red color. Tint Tinta red, when applied on skin even dark red. Is the consistency of cream.

Mark on the skin after washing with soap and water:

After applying the tint a little “sets” on the lips, but not completely lose the glossy finish. Probably because of this, it still leaves traces when tangency with a Cup for example. Durability is good, after a few snacks, maybe a little bit loses its brightness, I consider it a decent result. Easy to wash any micellar water. Even if you pass with him all day, does not flow into the folds, and especially, I note, not peeling stresses. The lips are not dry.

The application of a finger small quantities of Tinta:

Applied with a sponge:

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Price — 650 p.

Rating is 5.

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