Liquid matte lipstick NYX Liquid Metallic Suede Matte in shade # 37

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In a time when everyone raved about matte lipsticks from NYX, I really couldn’t love. They ruthlessly dried lips. And then randomly, we can say the experiment’s sake, there was this hue.

And what was my surprise when the lipstick proved to be very worthy.

I’m kind of afraid to wear bright lipstick not for the fact that I don’t to face or I doubt in the shade, but because they doubt the quality and performance of…How many times, lipstick an hour later, turned the lips into something terrible, running over the lines, going along the mucosa, or simply stepping off of the lips is not very aesthetically pleasing…in Fact with bright lipsticks this is particularly noticeable.

So if I want bright lips, this lipstick I’m sure. Of the minuses I note that when applying just for a few seconds, she should be allowed to dry without closing your mouth. Otherwise, the border around the mucosa can go smoothly. And then the pros — stability, the ability to update the color, does not dry lips, does not spread, creates a clear boundary. The sponge is very convenient oblong shape, so you can even apply this shade gently and dragging a tick and do the circuit as a whole. The texture is creamy, not sticky, not sticky and not liquid.

Shade 37 is a cool red (in daylight and bright light with cranberry notes) color with shimmering metallics, which visually makes the teeth whiter (not yellow).

The finish is matte, velvet., turns lips into parchment. But to make it look beautiful, the lips should be in perfect condition.

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And as a bonus, the lipstick is coming off evenly, gradually losing its intensity, like a reduced brightness. Can be removed using a micellar water.

I realized that you can either adore lipstick NYX, or do not befriend them, or as I find by long trial and error your ideal shade that will suit the texture and the specifications, because You know that each shade are different.

Assessment: this shade put 5.

Price: about 500 rubles.

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