Liquid matte lipstick Smashbox Alaways on Metallic Matte Liquid Lipstick is my autumn Nakhodka with metallic effect

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With the onset of autumn in me a thirst for experimentation :)) I wanted a dark matte lipstick and it just so happened that I did not use such shades of Burgundy. Once again, coming to Rivgosh, I came across a lipstick Smashbox in the shade Vino Noir , and realized that I need it urgently :))

So, lipstick in a plastic tube transparent, with metallizovannoj cover. Looks very stylish, in my opinion. The volume of 4ml.

Lipstick has a fluffy puff in the form of drops, it may seem awkward at first application, I was smooches and resorted to a brush, but costs a bit to get used to and everything will turn out great:) in a pinch you can always use a brush. The good tube limiter, once the sponge is not reached.

Let’s move on to specifications.

  • Lipstick is as persistent and is true 🙂 she cheers while it can not be washed to rinse it only oil-based products make-up remover. After fatty foods rubs off on the mucosa and can smear.
  • Very comfortable feel on the lips, does not dry, does not flow into the folds. After the application freezes.
  • Printed, alas, a little, but printed need something to pay for comfort on the lips :))

  • The hue is absolutely not thin, falls evenly.
  • Lips should be the ideal, otherwise it can emphasize the peeling.
  • Looks very aristocratic and expensive, in a shade I love, has a light metallic Shine to the lips.

  • Quite a bit of stick, but it does not interfere with the comfort and wear.
  • To dry can stain the teeth! So check, as well as white your teeth as usual or is something wrong?????
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To compare how the lipstick accentuates wrinkles — make a photo naked lips.

Overall, I really like how the lipstick is on the lips, of course, with this dark shade is necessary is to draw the contour of the lips something I am actively working. This lipstick fits well without pencil and primer, I paint an outline of the native sponge.

And that’s how the lipstick looks in the full image, I like to combine the arrow with an emphasis on the lips.

Rating is 5. I am completely happy with the lipstick, for me it was comfortable. This was my first experience with dark AI… I liked it! If you doubt it, it’s a good purchase for fall and winter. I bought it at a discount for 999 rubles.

Experience of use is 1 week.

Thank you for your attention!

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