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Good day!

To begin with, that I really love lasting lipstick. I am the owner of thin lips by nature, and love to talk????

For these reasons, the usual super-healthy lipstick pretty quickly disappear from my lips. So I’m always very pleased to begin testing the next stand of lipstick????

So, today we will talk about a new line of resistant lipsticks from essence — Colour Boost Mad About Matte.

In the line of 8 shades. In my testing there were only 4 shades.

The packaging resembles a tube. By the way, I recently really like this packaging.

Plastic, medium density. Ie, it is not too soft in order to squeeze the lipstick by lightly pressing. But not too tight. When holding it, there is no feeling that this is a piece of hard plastic.

Tactile packaging is very nice. It’s like she’s soft touch.

The applicator is in the form of eight. Flattened at the tip. Well glides on the lips.

Color. As for color, everything is very interesting! All the colors are very saturated and dense. Even sudovye give a very rich finish.



Shade 09 magnetic gloom

Shade 03 wanna play?

Shade 01 dusty romance

Shade 05 dangerously yours

The aroma is pleasant and sweet. Reminds me of the aroma of butterscotch????

The texture of the lipstick is very liquid. That is really liquid. If You do not have a pronounced contour of the lips like me, it is better to take a brush.

I admit, the texture, it really surprised me. BUT even more, she surprised me with its density in terms of pigment! Here this is a liquid lipstick with single coating completely covers the lip color, and You get the perfect matte and very thick color coating. But on the lips the lipstick feels more like a second skin.

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Comfort. As mentioned above, the lipstick sticks to the lips like a second skin. To wear it do not feel it. BUT if Your lips are dehydrated or You are the owner of skin prone to dryness, the lipstick itself causes slight discomfort in the form of tightness of the lips. But this is a normal story for matte lipsticks.

Vitality. After applying takes a few minutes to lipstick managed to get a lock. She’s not one to harden immediately upon contact with the skin.

But everything else on the classics. Stays on the lips for many hours, but is afraid of oil. Because like all fat-soluble persistent lipstick.

Result. Great lipstick for the money! I’m really impressed by the pigmentation! Now I really want to try all the colors????

It will appeal to fans of persistent lipsticks and those who are just starting to try them.

The price is 230-250 rubles

Rating — definitely 5!!!

Thank you. I hope the post was useful????

Have a nice day!

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