Local comforting MiSol Arnica lotion Cosmoetica

Happen sometimes in my purse unique and very unusual tools!

But hooked on this lotion, even to the end and can’t understand how it works! MiSol Arnica brand Cosmoetica.

Brand Cosmetica is a mystery to me. They have only 7! And they in Spain is running a Spa, and like not even one!

Means expensive lotion is worth 2500 rubles per 30 ml. Creams they have for 6000 rubles on average.

But the ingredients of course fabulous! Brand organic, pure compounds!

Base — juice and extract of birch (in Spain, as it turned out, they grow), and colloidal silver and gold.

Mark adheres to a holistic approach. Cosmetics is not only a method of influence on the skin, but also takes into account the effect on the entire body, including emotions. The lotion gives a feeling of comfort not only physically but on a mental level.

It is the absolute truth.

Originally took it for the skin, as when applied as a tonic means instantly refreshes, tones, moisturizes and soothes the skin. Can be applied also during the day, the lotion does not dry out the skin in difficult conditions, such as at the airport and on the plane or in the office, where the negative impact of lots of computers and air conditioners.

But there is one more unconventional method of application stated in the instructions the main. Need to spray as perfume on the neck area behind the ears. Can also be applied to the temples and wrists. That is, when applied to key reflex areas, you can quickly and effectively relieve mental stress, improve health, increase working capacity. The lotion is indispensable for travel, at work and at home.

The scent really is soothing in stressful situations, gives a sense of security and comfort.

I use it during the day when I get nervous, when it comes fatigue, the Blues, when you need to concentrate or breathe in a difficult situation. And lotion to my entire surprise, fails.

Goodies in the composition of the mass: extracts of Arnica, propolis, horsetail, yarrow, comfrey, sage, juniper.

The fragrance of the lotion is actually quite strange, I wouldn’t even call it enjoyable, but at the same time, it is also unpleasant to be called can not. Spicy, Oriental with musky notes, quite sharp but not cloying. On the skin feel it for 10 minutes, then disappears, during this time, the time to act.

And it does not bother me! Amazing!

Packaging each product brand is unique, they depict the mandala, signifying the awakening of life.

Inside a cardboard box, a small bottle of dark glass with dropper. It is not fine how often to spray, when spraying the remedy appears to a trickle.

Liquid bright brown color, like tea. On the skin is absolutely not sticky, absorbed quickly and goes unnoticed.

The spray is suitable for any skin type and age. And as generic as possible, like all products of the brand Cosmoetica.

Price: 2550 per 31 ml

Rating: 5

Period of use: month, at least once a day.


Ferment Saccharomyces/molasses/juice of birch filtrate, Arnica extract, alcohol, water, colloidal silver, colloidal gold, birch extract, propolis extract, horsetail extract, yarrow extract, comfrey extract, sage oil, frankincense oil, juniper oil.

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