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From L’occitane I’ve liked several of the flavors, but the brand mercilessly removed them from production. One of my favorite “Green tea”, which was released in 1999 in different variations and nothing seems to be signs of trouble. But about four years ago, he disappears. How so? For what? I thought this is the flagship flavor of the brand, a timeless hit.

I begin to rush in search of the remnants, but everything and everywhere is sold out.
Of course, the consultants L’occitane have really tried to help and offered different options for replacement. But I was not pleased and I left with pursed lips.
Although now, already arguing with a cold nose, the new flavors are good and there are among them those that would have to be like me.
And then it hit me, I was offended by L’occitane in General and in particular.
They discontinued my favorite scents of “Mimosa”, “Grapefruit and rhubarb”, but when they encroached on the sacred! “Green tea”, it was too much. I bought this fragrance in all variations for almost 20 years, I have been your faithful friend, and you… no, I do not forgive betrayal.

I have a few flavors and brands, for which I am ready for a long search and difficult scheme of purchase. I bought “Green tea” on Craigslist, but in the travel version (20 ml).

I stopped going to a Spa L’occitane to buy their shower gels, shampoos, creams and balsams for the lips, but the corner of my eye watching what is going on with them.

And fragrance Korloff Kn 1, about which I wrote here, to some extent, has become a substitute for “Green tea”, because it is cut on the same patterns.

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April 25 this year, before a trip to the Crimea (departure 26th of April) I went to L’occitane to once again zanyuhanny new Herbae. Like he does decide to take the travel version to try. Them is not available, I grumble under his breath another curse L’occitane and there are the consultant says that (!) like (!) came Green tea. But they are still not unpacked and not introduced into the computer. Ask the tester sent? Does he look like one that was? No, it is not sent. We “didn’t listen”. Ugh… Well, that’s it or not, he at least can say? (fly into a rage gradually). And it turns out that all the consultants of the young girls working recently and the smell of “Green tea” they don’t know.
So now you can quickly unpack your boxes, I’m buying it without a receipt, and then you put it in the program as you want.
And so they did without further ADO. I immediately unpacked, put my perfume on your wrist. It! Happiness gave all the consultants and flew to the Crimea in the arms of “Green tea”.

Okay, so I’ll overlook that.

Manufacturer’s information:

Aroma belongs to the group of aromatic green.

Top notes: bitter orange, orange.
Heart notes: green tea, Yerba mate.
Base: musk, cedar, thyme.

My impressions:

In the summer I love green scents, and “The Vert” is a perfect representative.
Fresh, airy, aquatic, no sweetness, slight bitterness, slight astringency.
The scent of the mountains, meadows and distant travels. The scent of freedom.
It’s refreshing in the city is like a breath of fresh air from the fields, and the country
suddenly a crack of lemon.

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At my nose the green tea itself smells like old hay. And “The Vert” smells of herbs and the sun.
In an hour about it a little warmer, like grass warmed under the sun, leaves aquatics.
I love him so much!!!

Price 4900 rubles in the official online store.

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