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Well-read laudatory reviews about cream shadows in a jar from Kiko Milano, I couldn’t just pass by their store. But suddenly for myself out of it a little bit with another purchase…

My eye caught the different shades of shadow sticks Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick – this is where you can roam! After half an hour swatches, I managed to stay in three shades (although he needed it)

What we promised:

Persistent Shadow pencil Stick Eyeshadow — Extreme hold for soft and deep colors.
The creamy texture provides a great ability to smudge immediately after application.
The color remains intact and shiny for up to 8 hours without stains and not masivas.
Water-resistant lipstick Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow to create gorgeous, clean and bright colors.
Simple and convenient application provided by the special rounded shape of the pencil is ultra smooth and light texture.

Oh, and I love the format of the cream shadows cast in the crease sculptor, finger stuffed one color on top lid, painted lashes – all, beautiful makeup ready. Thus, I am actively using the shadow Maybelline Color Tattoo Lid and NYX Lingerie and very pleased with the result – even on my looming century, a tendency to fat, it is holding up flawlessly without being caked. But in my collection mainly representatives nadovich shades, so bright and interesting colors Kiko I made a very big bet.

Let’s start the discussion, of course, with the packaging. And she has no complaints – sleek black cases with colored abs look solid and not cheap. Each case is Packed in not less solid black cardboard packaging – if not look at the pasted white stickers with information in the Russian language, appearance, overall, well, just very personal.

Pencils are round, quite convenient diameter so that they are easy to work with and on the lower and on the upper eyelid. Although I prefer not to drive a stick for centuries, and carry the color with a brush. When in a hurry – no brushes, all done with a finger, but, again, carry the shadow from the stick, the lid of the packaging does not paint.

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As you can see, the product enough. Pencil Jumbo twist, sharpening is not needed.

And now that I have conquered — about colors.

Swatch with flashGreen at a certain rotation goes blackDaylight48 Forest Green

I am in search of a beautiful emerald hues, so color 48 Forest Green grabbed immediately. Although, going now at the Kiko website and looking at how there passed this color, I would say that never in my life looked the same, grey skuchalina.

Boring office, boring!

In fact, this is an incredibly beautiful cluster of emerald on black background with splashes of blue and gold particles, which begin just incredible to play with the electric light. In daylight shining particles behave quietly and, in General, the tone seems more muffled. But no less beautiful!

Shade 45. Nameless:(

The second my hands got stick in color 45, which for some reason I couldn’t find on the website and can’t even find what it’s called!… In the fall, yet to try the wine color, I wanted something more bright and fresh. Shade 45 just was so coral-peach with gold flecks, which, as comrade above, revealed in all its glory under artificial light.

47 Vintage Rose

Well, on the third stick, I decided to calm myself a bit and get something more vital and routine, so staying in the shade Vintage Rose 47. This is a sparkling champagne shade with hints of bronze and a touch of gold and silver shimmer. I like this shade can be used as in order to emphasize the inner corner, and in order to put on all the mobile eyelid as a mono-shade.

Each of these colors is composed of iridescent colored particles, which don’t look outright blestkami, but rather give the versatility of shades, so you add these beautiful colors to something else, except the feathering of the sculptor in the crease, absolutely no desire, they are wonderful solo.

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After walking 10 minutes with switchme on hand, I decided to check their durability.


The result was not impressed at all, although the shade I applied not that thick, but obviously more than that would cause an easy on the eye.

When it came to makeup, my hand in the first place reached of course to the emerald in the stick. But this green color on a dark base direct shouted: do Smokey! But I decided to go not-so-obvious way, so took the angled brush and started drawing arrows. And immediately was disappointed. For such a small area was visible, only black color, without a hint of green, with a pair of sequin. So arrow decided to transform into Smokey, not finishing the arrow. The first test was without the base, in order to test what it is capable of these shadows.

First, I decided to move the shade on your hand, then brush on the eyelid. Not difficult to guess that such a bright color when such application does not have enough density, it formed a translucent gray. Plus with the shading was a problem – the color of the sticky, didn’t want to go to the sculptor, the transfer looked dirty. The problem with the shading I tried to solve it by adding a warmer shade of bronzer. The density issues are decided by the flat brush I started to fill the color on the base of these feathered shadows, trying not particularly layering. And, Yes, for centuries, turned out what I wanted emerald to Smokey, utorevenue in the skin with a warm bronzer.

It’s all one shade — overflow!

To complement this makeup, I decided pigment from Nyx, LUNA 11, was struck in the corner of your eye. And sorry should’ve added a Golden highlighter.

Electric light + flashDaylight

On the second eye, I decided to make something simple – specifically apply a thin layer of shade 45 and add to it a Golden hue 47 in the center of the century and to bring this beauty into the skin using bronzer. It turned out simple, but no less impressive.

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But then I got a new problem. While I was toying with the second eye shadow on eye first (and then second…) decided to get rolled up in all skin folds…

8 hours of resistance?…

I have sinned in that shouldn’t apply them without a base and decided to repeat both makeup. As a base for Smokey chose concrete eyeliner Maybelline Lasting Drama in black color. On the second eye 45 coral shade I applied the bronze On and On Bronze (35) Color Tattoo.

Here I do not bother with shading

Very sorry, but the situation has not changed at all – the shadows are all the same roll in all the folds. In addition, they felt very uncomfortable on the eyelid, gluing it if this situation is repeated in all the ways of drawing.

Climbed into the reviews. everyone loves it… Some have fixed those shadows transparent powder. Repeated – again rolling. Well, how about that???

I do not argue, my eyes are not the easiest — hanging, prone to fat, but none of the cream shadow still did not behave so…

The result: such a disappointment I have not experienced for a long time. Such incredible shades, this stunning range of colors that I have already mentally bought the whole, and such disgraceful behavior for centuries… anyway, next time I will definitely take the shade in the jar, but the stick no longer buy. Moreover, in addition to shade of champagne, which can be applied in the inner corner, I don’t know what to do with existing…

Price: 550 RUB.

A large palette of colors;
Beautiful and unusual color;
A convenient form of release;
Beautiful boxes.The dark color in the shading;
Roll up in all skin folds, despite earlier promises durability 8 hours;
Glue the eyelids discomfort.

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