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I love fast and without problems) so I have always painted eyelashes, an exception was once a favorite mascara, L’oreal double this, one side white, the other black, however, to paint the white base it was not very easy (maybe a 20 on the way to beauty afraid of obstacles?), spent such a carcase was three. Then moved on to good body condition, was pleased, and so would I and painted eyelashes on, if once the parcel have not sent me an interesting thing, which I’ll discuss further.

With my order came a sample(as much as 4 ml, by the way) primer for eyelash Lash Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I confess that I do not trust such products themselves, and without any optimism I decided to try a product with the attitude “what, let it be…”

The primer in the usual carcass of a form — tube brush. Brush the product is quite interesting, if you describe it in context, it is half brush, half comb, material — silicone, elastic enough deals and distributes brush well, if somewhere suffered too much and the lashes stuck together, then comb well relieve the surplus and divide the lashes, besides, the side-comb can apply the product and distribute it.

The primer may be layered, and most importantly — measure)

(Here and below, to the left eyelashes without anything on the right with the primer, the primer is applied in one layer)
(Here the camera caught these same areas, where you can see the white primer)

About. If we talk about consistency, it is white ink. However, after 10 minutes after applying it becomes almost transparent, whitish traces remain in small quantities, the ink covers it without any problems. Many bloggers network write about painting two different carcasses for maximum effect. I don’t do that (somehow didn’t work out for me). I think they want to achieve exactly this effect — create a frame. Frame primer creates excellent — does not weigh down and does not make the lashes in the plastic flagella, with a good mascara. The primer captures the bending of ink it holds perfectly. About the size difficult to judge, on very thin and sparse lashes, it would be clearer. My eyelashes, so needy in length, the primer helps to achieve a result. In the photo above and then I took the experiment to the niece, she has thick eyelashes. I tried to take a picture of your lashes, but I’m completely talentless as a photographer, whether it is at all difficult, but in these photos the result is more objective.

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(Eyelashes are straight, and I specifically said they were not)(Eyelashes colored ink in a single layer)

Overall, you can certainly do without this primer, and I often do, because I simply did not have enough time to mess around with eyelashes longer, fortunately with a good mascara and this is possible. But if you want the lashes even longer than I wear the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Lash. And I already bought a full size primer, finished mini version. I don’t like expressions like “false eyelashes”, because no mascara in the world won’t give it on the eyelashes medium scale. But if the mascara effect can be considered 100 percent, then a primer, this figure is approximately 120%))

Producer — USA, volume — 9 ml.

Term of use — about a year.

Cost 1750 rubles at the official website.

Rating is 5.

Thank you all for your attention!

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