Look in a million: secrets of mascara

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No time for makeup, and without it your eyes seem quite wishy-washy? We know how to make the look dreams quickly and effortlessly.

Modern trends in cosmetics are trying to keep up with the reality that for many it is very important to save as much time. On the market for a long time, there are tools that combine multiple functions in order not to waste time applying several. To save time on eye makeup can radically – this will require the procedure of eyelash extensions, after which your view for a long time to be perfect, and lets you can forget.

If this option is not for you, you can use the trick – zazhmurte eyes and paint mascara on all the lashes at once in zigzag motions. After will smooth them out and wipe the ink from the skin. However, you need to practice a little to spoil the skin as little as possible.

Dream of cat’s eyes? Carefully paint mascara on the lashes starting from the inner corner. It is necessary to apply several layers of mascara. Well help to achieve the effect of cat’s-eye a few bundles of false eyelashes. They should be glued to the outer corner. It will take quite a bit of time, but will immediately transform your image.

To get rid of lumps, stuck together eyelashes and other flaws that spoil the make-up, need to comb the lashes after applying mascara. To do this, you can buy a special brush, or leave the brush from the old mascara. To wash the brush preferably after each use like other makeup brushes.

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