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Good day!

For three months I carefully tested cleansing sugar scrub — new L’oréal Paris Pure Sugar Scrub Purify & Unclog. They are all in the last couple of years release a lot of interesting products. But most of all I was interested in it in the scrub, as for the cleansers I always go. If you are interested in reading another opinion about this product, welcome under kat.

I was excited by the novelty with the very first post about them. I love clear skin face scrubs. My skin is mixed, combined, nose and chin is oily on the forehead and cheeks dry. Is the problem the area around the nose with black dots. So cleansing scrub, which promised to solve this problem, I was interested in.

The scrub is sold in a cardboard box with a slot. A reliable package glass jar holding it firmly. On the package a lot of all kinds of information about the product. Here I will cite only the part for the needy.

The Bank itself is heavy glass with a plastic lid. I like the design. Looks very nice on the shelf in the bathroom. Looks expensive. I get the pleasure of using beautiful things. Only in this scrub certainly will not take. The packaging is not travel-friendly.

As a lyrical digression. Look what a beautiful cover. She’s like mother of pearl. (As spring ball meteorites 2017)

Under the lid is a white plastic plug, additionally protect the product from ingress of air. Not the pump of course, but for lack of a better, and thanks for that.

The Bank itself is transparent. Through it to see a cheerful green scrub with rare large patches of seed kiwi.

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Now when I finished admiring the jar, move on to admiring the product.

The texture at first seems like a gel with air bubbles. As new gel for moistening the face of L’occitane. But in fact it is not. In fact, this is the same sugar that acts as scrubbing particles. The macro can see which of these particles is irregular.

In fact, scrub translucent. To work up the finger. Since the manufacturer put some thought into the packaging (perlamutra cover), it was possible to put some kind of spatula that would not have to climb every time your finger into the jar. I use the spatula from the remaining patches.

When applying I honestly feel mild discomfort. Sugar certainly does not injure the skin, but to me its noticeable scratches. If all known Abrikosov the scrub for 60 rubles abrasive particle is round and polished, there is no such. For me it’s a minus.

I am acting on the instructions of the manufacturer. Apply scrub to clean, dry skin, then wet hands very easily massaging the face until the sugar dissolves. This happens under the warmth of your hands and water in just a minute. I really liked the flavor of the funds. First is one one gummies Frou Frou from my childhood, but after 10 seconds herbaceous pungent smell, like that which remains on the hands after they rubbed a sprig of wormwood. Interesting transformation, and a very unusual scent.

When sugar dissolves, I wash away the remnants of the scrub with warm water. Face smooth, clean, but still slightly dries I scrub the dry areas of the face. So then I will put a mask and then the emulsion for the face. Having this procedure again according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, 2-3 times a week.

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Can’t say that I see the cumulative effect matongo face and perfectly clean since. But the scrub does what I need it, cleans the surface of the face from excess sebum and dead skin particles.

Period of use:

three months 2-3 times a week


585 rubles without discounts


4, take off the score for being too rigid and uncomfortable sensation scratching from sugar

Overall, I think this scrub is a worthy representative of its direction. But honestly, apricot scrub Clean Line I like more. Bank to the end use, that’s about a third. But I will buy again only if very bored. The desire is to re-purchase there, despite the 100% aesthetic pleasure of using.

Reviews on scrubs from the new line a little while, so I hope the post was useful. Thank you very much, I appreciate you taking the time and consideration I really appreciate it!

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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