L’oreal Infaillible Gloss in shade 208 Flash dance the most festive lip gloss

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Before new year remained not so much time and soon we will capture the pre-holiday bustle and joy of long-awaited gifts.

In my mind there is a product that fully deserves the gold medal in the category “The best product” L’oreal Paris Infaillible Xtreme Resist in 208 Flash Dance (Dazzle).

It’s probably one of the most coveted acquisitions since the release of the promo photos and I realized that among all the variety I want to have this option.

The packaging is simple and concise. The lid closes tightly and there was no point to it I proceeded.

The plastic is sturdy, but it is clear that over time it scratches and loses its appeal. The inscription is also a bit podterlas.

This gloss is very thick and rich texture, it is thick and the first layer of application gives an awesome color. This shade immediately covers the pigment of the lips.

Stickiness is minimized and I practically do not feel, but the hair is still harvested when wearing on the lips.

When I open the bottle, I immediately feel a pleasant sweet scent. She though the intensity is approaching a medium degree, but it makes me irritating. In the process of wearing perfume of course weaker, but goes not until the end.

Convenient applicator… here, in my opinion he is very good and really comfortable, I heard this shape referred to as anatomical and very comfortable to paint over the lips.

The limiter is not very strong, in this case, the applicator will not gain excess Shine.

And now the most important thing. It’s shade.

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I want to sing odes to him. It is incredibly beautiful. There are brown, and a drop of cherry, and also a huge number of tiny gold sequins, which lie evenly and will give your lips Shine. He has a strong fluidity and I wear it without a pencil, but a rare exception is when I can draw the contour of the upper lip just below 100% to avoid flow in microfractures.

I want to call this color Christmas chocolate, Oh, what a wonderful he is.

Yourself sequins, which are abundantly present in the texture is not visible on the lips, they do not load and does not scratch the skin.

I wear this gloss when I don’t need to eat, as if with him to eat and drink, he will move to the food.

Durability is average, a few hours, then he fades and loses its gloss.

Take it off micellar water in most cases because it is convenient for me.

On the lips after removing this gloss I still have those same Golden sparkles, though quite a bit.

If to briefly summarize, I endlessly in love with this glitter, the formula and shade, to me it is stunning and very festive.

The quality and technical characteristics are definitely great for a segment of the mass market and this line of glosses in my opinion has been just great.

Cost: about 500 rubles.

Term of use: more than a year ( 14 times more).


You can buy presents wherever brand.

Volume: 8 ml

Manufacturer: France.

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