L’oreal is launching a new line of cosmetics La Provençale Bio

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L’oréal presents its new brand – La Provençale Bio, which is an organic cosmetics for skin care and body.

The launch of a completely new brand is quite a rare event for L’oréal, a company that used to buy cosmetic brands, not create them from scratch. However, in 2018, the manufacturer of cosmetics, number one in the world has released three new brand: Seed Phytonutrients, a brand based on natural ingredients, mainly oriented to the us market; House99, the brand for men, created in partnership with David Beckham; and the last for today is La Provençale Bio.

La Provençale Bio is positioned as organic and gets the mass distribution market in France. In 2017 the segment of organic cosmetics in France was worth 480 million euros and increased by about 7%, significantly higher than the rate of growth of “conventional” beauty. “We have seen a boom in the market for organic products in the food industry, but this trend is still in its infancy, where the demand still higher than supply,” said Rafael Sabran-Agasse, General marketing Manager of consumer products division of L’oréal France.

The new brand was certified, proving his claims to be organic. According to the manufacturer, the cosmetic composition La Provençale Bio included olive oil, cold pressed from raw materials grown in Provence, France. This oil is rich in polyphenols and vitamin E. the Whole range of the new line currently consists of 12 products – from anti-aging creams to deodorants and shower gels, which are produced at the French factories of L’oréal.

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L’oréal is even more intensified its involvement with local communities, partnering with crowdfunding platform Miimosa that promotes the development of organic agriculture in the region of Provence.

To start La Provençale Bio, L’oréal uses the experience Sanaflore, organic beauty brand, which the company acquired in 2006. In addition, it is worth noting, brands the mass market, L’oréal is increasingly becoming organic, for example, Mixa, Cadum and Garnier.

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