L’oreal Paris is a unique line of cosmetics


L’oréal Paris has announced that the start of 2020 will mark the release of unique cosmetic lines Age Perfect Cosmetics. It is designed for women older than 50 years, and the range includes over 100 products. Despite the fact that other companies also, there are cosmetic products targeted to this demographic, Age Perfect Cosmetics is the most comprehensive and diverse.

According to the company, most of the decorative cosmetics are consumers over the age of 50 years, however, recently this trend began to decline. Studies show that women of this demographic group are often unable to choose the right cosmetic product that would meet their needs. This situation leads to the fact that this category of buyers feel deprived. “Despite the lower penetration in the category, consumers over 50 are less likely to say (compared to the millenials), I don’t want to apply makeup. This is a key part of life and daily care of women in this age, and we’re proud to offer a new range created specifically for them,” said Dr. Rocio Rivera, Vice President for scientific communications company.

In addition, Ms. Rivera emphasized that L’oréal Paris defends the inclusion and value of all women since its inception, and this new line covers the same approach. Products Age Perfect Cosmetics have been carefully formulated for women over age 50, extending inclusion beyond the age or just one skin tone.

The collection includes 30 shades of Foundation, lipsticks, mascara and eyebrow, specially designed for the growing needs of women over 50 years, based on research and backed up by science. Every nuance of the new line – from packaging design to colors, textures and formulas have been developed taking into account the specific demographic situation.

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“As a marketer, I think that it is easy to think about the future generation than on those who already had a certain products,” said Maud Brunswig, senior Vice President of marketing. – Problems arise when brands lose sight of the importance of preservation and innovation for their loyal customers in favor of the satisfaction and development of future customers. L’oréal has always been a brand that championed all ages, but we are pleased to reach a new level with an assortment specially designed for this consumer. If we were 49, 59 or 69 … we deserve it. More now than ever before.”

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