Lotion Givenchy L Intemporel Youth Preparing Exquisite Lotion: review

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Is it important to care for tonics (lotions)? The controversy on this subject is a great many, some say that it is an essential element of care, others that you can well do without it. I am in my life have tried both and I can say that the main thing is to trust your feelings and choose the right means. Otherwise it will only hurt, and then it is, indeed, better off without him. Without lotion (tonic) it is possible to do, but a properly selected lotion significantly improves the quality of care.

And today I want to talk about such “right” for me, the lotion Givenchy L Intemporel Youth Preparing Exquisite Lotion.

I have normal but very sensitive skin which in the winter becomes dry, so lotions or tonics I need a moisturizer and emollient. And I noticed that the better my skin takes not quite liquid, like water, lotions, and with a slightly more dense texture. And Givenchy just like that. I type it in the palm, and then spread over the face with patting movements, without using a cotton pad.

That it gives — instantly moisturizes the skin after washing, giving it a feeling of comfort, and in addition makes the skin more radiant, smoothes little wrinkles. And cream with it works better, penetrates deeper, and its amount should be less. And yet this lotion is very pleasant scent that disappears immediately after application, it is absolutely unobtrusive, but the application process makes it much more enjoyable.

Lotion fits the description of the manufacturer, which promises intense hydration, freshness and comfort, improving the appearance of any skin type and optimal utilization of funds follow-up care. With all these promises the lotion is doing fine.

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The lotion Givenchy L Intemporel handy dispenser that opens and closes by turning his head, gives a perfect amount for one time, doesn’t spit and not jammed. The consumption is very economical if you use it without a cotton pad (which “eat” almost 2/3 of the product, you know).

I do love the whole series Givenchy L Intemporel, but I enjoyed the cream of it without this lotion, and only then bought it and noticed a difference with the lotion better.

For those who like to watch trains, lay out and notice that it has alcohol, but as I wrote above, this lotion not only does not dry my dry and sensitive skin, but moisturizes well (I know a very negative attitude to this component, but in vain, because actually a lot of nuances). So I no longer look at the rosters, I have this period, fortunately, has passed, if you select only look at the brand and product description.

The lotion Givenchy L Intemporel Youth Preparing Exquisite Lotion:

In conclusion, I will say again that the lotion I really liked, it performs all the promises, makes skin hydrated, more beautiful, and also promotes better absorption of subsequent care.

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