Love and hate the Japanese with a moisturizing shampoo, Reveur Moist&Gloss Shampoo

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I believe the hero of my review — winner of numerous awards and accolades, familiar to many readers. Today I, after almost 4 months of regular use the famous Japanese shampoo Reveur Moist&Gloss Shampoo, willing to share their mixed experiences.

Products brand Reveur first saw the light in 2010. The line “Hydration and Shine” (in use — just “purple”) is perhaps the most popular and award-winning. In addition to the main hit — non-silicone moisturizing shampoo, it also presents a treatment (conditioner) and a hair oil.

Reveur “Moist & Gloss” is a non-silicone shampoo from the Japanese innovators cosmetics Japan Gateway, created on the basis of three special moisturizing natural ingredients, and fourteen plant extracts, giving the hair a great Shine and a healthy glow.
Recommended for:
– hard hair;
– smoothing frizzy hair;
– dull hair;
– straightening unruly hair.

Three natural moisturizing component — a trio of vegetable oils: borage, jojoba and . (plants of the palm family native to the South American tropics).

A rich complex of 14 herbal ingredients, designed to provide hair Shine and glow, includes an extract of nettle, prunes, marshmallow, acerola, cornflower, eggplant, grapes, rose hips, blueberry, saxifrage, black tea, ononis, as well as coconut and palm oil.

Full composition looks very impressive and promising:

Water, lauramide DEA, Cocoyl glutamine TEA, olefin(C14-C16) sulfonic acid Na, lipsticks, Cocoyl methyl taurine Na, flavoring, steramid ethyl dimonium was succinoyl hydrolyzed pea protein, borage oil, oil., jojoba oil, nettle extract, prune extract, marshmallow extract, acelora extract, cornflower extract, an extract of eggplant, cocoa butter, palm oil, grape extract, rose hips extract, bilberry extract, extract of saxifrage, extract of black tea extract ononis, polyquaternium-10, betaine, polyquaternium-33, high fructose syrup, glycerin, BG, sodium chloride, PROPANEDIOL, ethanol, EDTA-2Na, benzoic acid Na, Phenoxyethanol, methylparaben.

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The shampoo has a soft washing base consisting of Surfactants with low irritant potential.


Made of transparent purple plastic

Equipped with a dispenser-pump

The shampoo is colorless, transparent, texture, unusual liquid, escaping through his fingers. The foam is so-so.

The smell, in my opinion, very pleasant, slightly sweet. According to the manufacturer, multi-faceted fragrance creates a combination of black currant, raspberry, Lily of the valley and pelargonium. However, I am in olfactory terms, a complete prude, so none of these individually do not feel 😉


What I expect from a shampoo? In fact, little well-washed hair and didn’t do worse. It would seem that the list of requirements is not great. However, in my experience, the wrong shampoo can ruin the entire care on the vine, so his choice, I’m always most carefully. My hair long, painted with henna, a normal type (in the summer, prone to greasiness at the roots), thin, unruly, confused even by the breath of a butterfly.

Now directly about Reveur Moist&Gloss, as well as about love and hate, announced in the title.

What love?

After the first couple of weeks of using the shampoo I was ready to sing odes to him and the joy nearly ran wrote the first draft of the rave reviews. After washing the hair the shampoo is just incredible — very soft, manageable, silky. No dryness, no naughty sticking out strands. And that’s without air conditioning.

In addition, the shampoo is not confused hair. Even after using it solo, I could easily comb my hair without any extra effort. Of course, it was a delight. However, as it turned out, a bit premature. However, all these impressions are still relevant today. In this respect, for me, is purple shampoo Reveur has no equal.

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For that you hate?

From time to time I enjoyed the feeling of soft and flexible head of hair until I began to notice that her hair began to look washed out and kind of neglected later, a much shorter period of time than before. Moreover, if at the beginning they looked so to the beginning of the second day, now this unpresentable appearance is acquired by the evening of that day, in the morning when I washed my hair. I started to use more shampoo, pouring at a time, almost a handful, and, indeed, the first time it helped. But then everything was back to normal. At the moment I for each soaping hair spend so many purple Reveur. Given the fact that my head I’m on twice (or not washed at all) and now the daily consumption is obtained simply gigantic. It is thus not cost-effective through to the budget cost, and most importantly — the effect of shampoo on the frequency of washing your hair makes it for me not the most comfortable option, even if all unconditional and appreciate my advantages.

Summary: not undertake to make a specific assessment of the shampoo. It is possible that Moist&Gloss can be successfully fit into the scheme hair care is my type, alternating, for example, with a deep cleansing shampoo. Also admit the possibility that on the hair of another type it may reveal itself only on the positive side, so neither advise nor dissuade you from buying Japanese hit will not. Moreover, now on sale mostly found in the updated variation of moisturizing shampoo purple series in oxygen-free vacuum packaging Fraicheur Reveur Moist Shampoo (which, unfortunately, has a much less favorable ratio of volume and price — about 1100-1300 rubles per 340 ml).

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Volume: 500 ml

Price: in the region of 900 rubles in retail

Thank you for taking the time!

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