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If there is cosmetic godovoe tool that should be in any person, regardless of gender and age, then clearly it must be something moisturizing. I thought that since I have oily skin, then moisturizing she doesn’t need, on the contrary, ought to strongly dry and matted. What discovery was the realization that hydration is very necessary, and the skin condition began to improve before our eyes, it was necessary to begin to moisten. Today I want to talk about the line that I love and use for many years — Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal. This year they once again updated the series, making it even better modern. Today I will share with you my impressions from the use of moisturizing serum Ultra-Moisturizing Liquid Serum and cream 48H Non-Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream for normal/combination skin.

Yves Rocher — Hydra Vegetal — Ultra-Moisturizing Liquid Serum Normal to Combination Skin

The newest version of serum, 2018.

To help you understand how much I love this line and hydrating serum, talk about previous experience with her. So, in 2012, Yves Rocher released a series of Hydra Vegetal, which was a moisturizing booster. It was the first such product in my care, have left many positive impressions.

The first version of the serum, 2012.Composition, 2012.

4 years later, in 2016, the brand renews the series, but changes relate, for the most part, packages and minimal composition. Feel the serum was exactly the same as in the previous bottle, except that they removed the annoying plastic cap from the spout.

Serum sample 2016.Composition, 2016.

The serum in this package I bought either 2, or 3 times, after which it disappeared from stores, and later appeared in the current, third edition.

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So, before you buy an Ultra-moisturizing serum in the newest version, I already had quite a lot of experience using this product. However, this time changed not only packaging, but also the composition. Removed the Dimethicone and alcohol, added cell water Edulis – a powerful active ingredient with exceptional moisturizing properties thanks to the ability of its cells to accumulate water and to regulate its level.

Composition, 2018.

The vial was again transparent, pump dispenser remained the same, however, in the current release, when you turn the head of a spout you can Unscrew the whole upper part, which is extremely inconvenient for should follow. Maybe it’s only in my version of this problem, but I was a little annoying.

But what annoys strong, so is the texture. The manufacturer claims that this hydro-gel, that is, today’s fashionable texture that the skin turns to water (for example, booster Vichy is also hydro-gel). And all anything, if the gel was not so heterogeneous. In the bottle, and when squeezing I clearly see some minor seal similar whether semolina, gelatin. In the distribution on the skin is uniform and watery, but I have this annoying moment. I have not even bothered and went to the store to make sure that I have not some flawed copy. But no, in the store the tester was with the same grains.

It should be noted that the properties of the serum, as a skin moisturizer, they are not affected, but personally I feel that it should not be. Meanwhile, the serum is really lightweight, instantly hydrates the skin without leaving behind any “extra” sensations, only nourished and smooth skin. It can be used for any follow-up care, as well as independently. The serum has the same grassy-fresh aroma as the earlier version, but a little less saturated. I like to use this product in the morning: apply on entire face (including under the eyes) and neck, and then creams and makeup. Can also repeat during the day (e.g., after a shower at the gym or in the evening), if you feel the need. Well, from this it follows that consumed my product very quickly: it’s only been a month, and half the bottle gone.

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Despite the fact that in this new version there are moments that I don’t particularly like (especially those stupid grains), I still love this product, I consider it one of the best in its price category. For my skin it’s perfect: it moisturizes, leaves no greasiness and film, with pores and “friendship” with any subsequent care.

11€цена8/10оценка4 weeks, 10p/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, without any problems

Yves Rocher — Hydra Vegetal — 48H Non-Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream Normal to Combination Skin

In addition to the gel, this time I decided to try the cream, especially in the range of two of them: rich for dry skin and gel-cream for normal/Combi skin. Choosing the second option, I was expecting the cream is light and watery, but it was not there. I do not know what is the texture of rich cream, but my light certainly can not be called. It’s quite thick and viscous cream that caresses the skin noticeable in this layer, leaving behind a sense lipcote and presence of cream. Can’t say that this is bad, but gel-cream is expecting something else.

In fact, because of this density, I use the cream at night, alternating with acidic treatments, and by day, if you do not plan to apply makeup. This cream not only moisturizes but also nourishes the skin, however, it is not absorbed (when washing I feel like it slides). In the winter time, this option suits me, but the summer will obviously be heavy.

Pores I haven’t scored, it smells quite rich (perfume is the same as that of the entire series), the glass packaging because it is more stationary, with a particularly not to mess with.

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9€цена6/10оценка4 weeks, 5P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Oily skin, without any problems

Though in both places there are downsides, I use it with pleasure on a regular basis. Maybe that affects my loyalty to the brand in General and the series in particular, because I’m faithful to her for over 6 years. At the moment, in addition to the described in the post you products, use a moisturizing mask, which bought an even greater number of times than the serum as well as gel for the skin around the eyes, which recently wrote.

In short, when I asked what moisturizer I can recommend, always say: “Definitely Yves Rocher — Hydra Vegetal!”.

Do you have a favourite series that you are faithful over the years? Did Hydra Vegetal in the new version?

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