Loyal aides Foreo Luna Play Plus and GlamGlow Supercleanse

No nourishing, toning, moisturizing and other masks will not act as it should, if our skin is not sufficiently cleansed from makeup, dead skin cells and other things. Ugh, sounds some cautionary tone, but the way it is. Take a look at the tandem of the gadget and tools)

As the owner of a Clarisonic, I’m not particularly eager to buy other gadgets for facial cleansing and massage brush Foreo caught me in one of the beauty boxes. I want to note at once — Foreo LUNA can’t replace the Clarisonic and its sharp bristles that clean off all the grey dirt from the surface pores and remove what is inside. Then a few movements of the spoon UNO and ready. Another thing is that a Clarisonic brush every day will not be used for cleans it’s very cool. Once or twice a week. And Foreo, you can use every day. It is more a massage and a light exfoliation, suitable for owners of thin, dry, sensitive skin. The vibrations relax tense muscles, after using the skin very smooth, polished. But no comparison to Clarisonic. At least for me.

Itself brush fits comfortably in the hand, in my version only has one button at the back that turns on and off the device.

Operates from replaceable AAA batteries. It is convenient to take with you on trips as it takes little space and is much easier Clarisonic. After use, simply rinse with water and shake, leave to dry, or blot with a towel. Silicone is a very durable material.

Rating: 5- (ability to clean the pores is exaggerated)

Price: about 4 thousand rubles, but I went to beauty box, where once it was cheaper.

And now about the miracle cream that I grabbed in 10 minutes before closing the store in a fit of uncontrollable fun with a friend.

Grabbed and not in vain! I had three masks of the brand and from all three a very good impression. And then a heavy tube 150 ml.


It’s a gray cream medium density, with the mint aroma. No coarse particles, but mud or clay felt just as advertised.

The manufacturer offers to lather a small amount of cream ( I squeeze out a large pea) with water and massage the face. Here comes the brush Foreo and together they perfectly cleanse the skin from traces of makeup, grease, dust, dead cells. I want to see that tandem is working after removing makeup, that is, removes residues and cleans the pores. Not applied to the eye area and lips.

After cleansing the skin sooooo smooth, it would be desirable to touch and touch (but not necessary), ready to apply care. Masks, serums, creams work at times better absorbed very quickly. Consumption economical.

The pores are not going anywhere, especially not have to dream 🙂

I confess, I wielded the brush as well in the neck and decollete)

Price: about 2000 rubles. discounts

Rating: 5, does everything claimed.

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