Lucky for lips Yves Rocher – Grand rouge and l’elixir in shades 104 and 110

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Fashion trend – not lipstick, not gloss, and that is lucky lips – followed by many cosmetics manufacturers. The famous French brand is not left behind, and in the spring presented a new collection. Eyeing her for a long time because the reviews were extremely controversial, and dealt with certain colors. One I myself am, the second at random. All pictures are taken in daylight from the window.


Both lacquer for lips are in a transparent tube with a volume of 7 ml. Cap Golden. Packing material – dense plastic. The design is concise and stylish, it is recognizable brand.

Made in France.


Yves Rocher – Grand rouge and l’elixir shade 104

The firstborn from the collection in my purse. That’s just chose it for reviews. It is the shade 104 praised all the bloggers whose posts I read. All in one voice said that he was perfect in every way.

The lid is easily unscrewed. Underneath the applicator is a classic shape. Moderately soft and maneuverable. It is convenient to apply the composition to the lips.

A shade of tea rose with a hint of rogovenko. The texture is moderately dense and soft when applied. As if a gentle material touches the lips. Apply and distribute pleasure. For buildable coverage, you can go once, I layer two times (more out of habit).

Smell is classic for Yves Rocher lipsticks (lipsticks from the Soviet past), only a little muffled. Quite quickly disappears.

The coating is uniform. The satin finish first. After 20 minutes or so it becomes matte.

Full image (daylight from Windows). The finish is still satin.

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Half an hour later came closer to the window. The finish is matte.

The durability is amazing. In four hours, even if a couple of times to drink tea with cookies, cover remains pristine. After a hearty lunch, of course, has nothing left. No sense that was on my lips lipstick, including no dryness and residual pigment.

Lac Yves Rocher – Grand rouge and l’elixir in shade 104 immediately became a permanent resident of my cosmetic bags. It is ideal for quick application and color for any dress code. He justified all the words of praise in the reviews bloggers.

Are five months, often (three or four times a week for sure). And I can not get enough. Not even half consumed.

For tone and texture put varnish lip gloss Yves Rocher – Grand rouge and l’elixir 104 solid 5.

Price 760 rubles without discounts. Shares bought for 456 rubles.

Yves Rocher – Grand rouge and l’elixir in the shade 110

Was standing at the bus stop and my eyes stopped suddenly on the lips of a passing female. Red matte lipstick! She looks spectacular in life. Of course, could not calm down, I needed a bright red matte lipstick. Immediately thought of the line of nail skin is (the most affordable decent grade in our town). Even the reviews didn’t read, I buy in fact loved the color.

Preserved information. The same, only the number of shade the other was in shade 104.

The applicator is no different in form and content. The same moderately soft and maneuverable.

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Color – enthusiasm through the roof. Bright, juicy, summer red. On swatches appears a little bit of coral. The texture is slightly more dense than a tea rose. However, very pleasant and obedient in the application. Only one layer, I habitually put two.

The smell is the same as that fellow.

In life, absolutely red. Can go beyond the boundaries of the lips, if you overdo it with the number and do not use a pencil.

The complete image. What color! Of course, this color only for special occasions or when you want to quickly raise the mood from scratch.

Invigorating and attracts over a kilometre attention to lip color. And at the same time not vulgar. In the shade 110 is a balance of bright, but not Chur. Lips look feminine. I called the color 110 is a shade boss.

Resistance of more than six hours with snacking. Traces with a mug of heavily laundered without sponge and special equipment. On the lips the color lasts before melting. After a hearty lunch, the pigment partially remains on the lips. Going with the lip balm, and showing a slight red tint that refreshes the overall look.

At the end of the day lips look a little pale, there is a slight dryness of the thin skin. It is easily restored greasy balm for the night.

Enjoy three months on special occasions, but at least 30 times during this time for sure lacquer for lips visited. Liked the color. Fits with my new purse. Never consumed even a third of the case.

The color and texture of the app is good, but for the pale and dry lips lowered to 4.

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The price of 760 rubles. We bought at a discount for 532 ruble.

As for language, did not understand why the product needed to call it varnish lip gloss and not liquid lipstick. Used liquid lipsticks. The difference between lacquer lip gloss and a liquid lipstick in texture and application is not found. Apparently, it’s just a marketing ploy.

Are you familiar with this collection? Some of the would appear in your purse?

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