Lush offers unique digital store in Japan

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The company Lush opened a concept store in the Tokyo Shinjuku area, which is considered the world’s first bezhyazichniy store. In other words, to shop customers will be able without a word – will come to the aid of the visual tools and digital technology.

“The experience of retail trade for the global digital age”, how Lush describes the store uses special characters and video to help buyers choose the products without words. Thus, the local and international visitors can enjoy an exciting space for shopping, which presents 400 new products offered. Every day the store receives fresh produce from the Lush factory in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Application #LushLabs developed by our own technical specialists, uses the built-in camera function of artificial intelligence for product recognition. It allows the buyer to learn about how to use the products, to determine the composition of cosmetic products, which is especially important for the brand, who founded the concept of “bare packaging.” The shop also boasts several digital devices, specifically designed to cause consumers a great shopping, including interactive walls, controlled lighting applications. The interactive shop window enables you to make purchases of cosmetics around the clock.

“Shinjuku is a final version of what we want from the store. It is important to note that for the first time our technical soldiers, as well as of a team of designers, brands and stores have teamed up to create a trading space in the digital age,” explains Adam Goswell, Manager for technical research and development.

“We looked at what constitutes each part of the city, explains design Director Gemma Lee Hudler, and found that Shinjuku is indeed a meeting place for friends and tourists. We wanted Lush was the beacon of light that would have been recognizable to people. Tokyo in General is full of bright colors, so we really wanted to capture it on the inside and outside of the store.”

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In addition, for the company’s real challenge was to overcome language barriers: “Instead integrate the technology into the environment of stores, we are experimenting with the development and improvement of our retail experience for a global digital age, using characters and videos together to help customers navigate through our products without the use of language.” But the creation of a spectacular space for shopping, which could benefit from international customers, also meant the need for technologies that work faster and more efficiently.

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