Luxury from Tom Ford Eye Color Quad 04 the Honeymoon

In the recent past, these gorgeous shadows were my dream, I have never had such an expensive Quartet of shadows, very I longed for last year has made herself a gift for the new year, who, if not me. My happiness knew no bounds the first time after purchase was painted just for them, not looking at other shadows, my palette was sad. Things are different now, painted them not so often, but if you want something elegant to apply, then take them.

Just say no shadows Tom Ford can survive if I didn’t, I quietly used other palettes, I just wanted something luxurious to your collection.

Packaging at a very high level, glossy, dark brown with Golden edge, everything is expensive-rich, shade softest, silky, medium pigmentation, are also in the set were 2 of the applicator for applying shadows, but I immediately got rid of them, they’re useless to me.

The first shade from the palette is the lightest, it is the only you can see the micro shimmer, that it is better not to use it as a highlighter if you don’t want on my face to see a small spangle. The shadows themselves are excellent, usually put them in the corner or the centre of the lid, very soft, delicate texture, pigmentation is average, not showered.

Next shade from the first row on the right I really liked that one, I wear it often, usually use on all mobile eyelid, and joy has no limits, very nice looks, especially if there’s sun, shade high quality, there is no shimmer, features on top.

Initially, this palette I bought it because of this shade, saw an advertisement for Tom Ford and sleep could not, now I’m not so often use it in their products, very rarely. Pigmentation is slightly above average, delicate texture, the higher the score. For brightness it is better to apply with your finger or a damp brush to achieve the maximum from the color.

And last, the darkest of the palette, with a purple undertone, not really damaged from my fingers and brushes, I can’t say why, but I use it very rarely, as there is no problem in characteristics is not inferior to anyone in the palette, if it was dark brown we became friends. The only downside is that this shade can crumble, but not critical, lightly.

“Nobelest” no questions, I wear the dry brush with the base and so they holds like a stiff, Tom Ford in particular, do not fade with time, nothing to complain about, if only to the price, a little bite. Overall I do not regret the money spent, the shade met my expectations, I got what I wanted, the chic shade with good pigmentation that can be applied without any effort and also shade, it’s very easy and comfortable. The palette is great, color beautiful, silky texutre, not dusty, packaging “rich”, everything is done to the highest stratum of society, so if you want poshikovat, now is the time.

Price 88$

Rating 5

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