MAC favorite lipstick for each day. Velvet Teddy, Runway Hit, Ginger Rose

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Probably many of us have heard about the MAC lipstick is a vast range of shades and textures for every taste and color πŸ™‚

I want to show you three shades from the three lines: Matte, Retro matte and Liptensity. Let’s start with matte lipsticks.

Lipstick series Matte for me one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks:

  • They don’t dry the lips;
  • Lie flat and are easy to apply;
  • Have a pleasant perfume, candy and vanilla aroma;
  • Durability is pretty good, with a snack stick 4-5 hours, but can “eat up” the mucous.

In this series I have the shade Velvet Teddy, probably the most popular. Great for those who are just starting to get acquainted with MAC lipsticks. Many take it one of the first, unfortunately, this shade was the first I have. In my opinion it is brown-pink, very nice and discreet. But Teddy is revealed on different on the lips depending on the pigment, someone goes into the brown someone in nutovo pink.

A little macro, even here we see that lipstick does not flow into the folds. But here’s the finish I would say more satin than matte.

Rating: 5this is the best matte lipstick for me.

The next character from the Retro Matte, these lipsticks differ from the matte line more dry texture, but nevertheless :

  • They lie well on the lips, but lips should be ideally, no peeling β€” otherwise you will get a nightmare on the lips.
  • Durability as well 4-5 hours, eaten with mucous after a snack.
  • Can be a little dry lips, but for me, this dryness is not critical, almost non-existent.
  • Flavor the same, like Velvet Teddy.
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This lipstick I got the shade Runway Hit, it’s a peach-pink shade, a little bit outgoing in orange… uh, well, messed????, the overall tone is also quite versatile, has more platonu texture and a bit tight is transmitted to lips.

On the lips is very good, but the finish I would have called more satin, still there is a certain glow.

Rating: 4,5, still withdraw half-points for a rather dry texture, some girls can not do without a primer.

And the last hero of today’s post β€” lipstick from the Liptensity in the shade Ginger RosΠ΅.

Technical characteristics it is exactly the same as previous heroes:

  • Might be a good durability, comfortable to apply and wear, has a pleasant scent.
  • This line has a more intense pigment and more intense impact.
  • Different finish, there is a clear creamy texture that literally melts on the lips.
  • The lipstick does not spread and waiting for the circuit.

Shade I can only describe as propylene pink. It is interesting, at the expense of brighter pigment looks brighter on the lips but not crying.

Lies on the lips is pretty good, texture is creamy, in life, of course, sounds better than the macro πŸ™‚

Rating: 5 very comfortable and creamy lipstick with intense color.

So, in conclusion, a General view, in order to assess how the shades look on me πŸ™‚

Velvet Teddy is aRunway hitGinger Rose

I am very happy with all the lipsticks, shades with the completely different photoname, but it is pretty universal. Sure it’s not the latest MAC lipstick in my purse, because I’ve noticed some thumbnails πŸ™‚ What Pets do you have among MAC lipsticks?

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The approximate price per piece: 1600 roubles

Usage period: 1.5 years

Thank you for your attention!

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