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MAC released a new line of lipsticks, which I am happy to “sitestyle” ???? What happened — I read the article below ⬇

And yay, about these hints is not yet written, so a situation like a palette for sculpting or lipstick from YSL — I will not))

The brand promises that the lipstick is matte with a powdery finish, but it will be comfortable. In the line I counted 16 colours and when choosing the options for testing, ran his eyes. And something I, being apparently in high spirits ???? — chose two shades that are obviously claim to be “spring” or “summer”, but does not correspond to the harsh weather that prevails now. But I wear them anyway)

Top 301, a bottom 315.shade 301. shade 315.

My shades are absolutely the same TX, so I will not waste your time and write about both at once.

  • Packaging: cool! I have often said that the “bullets” from MAC — one of my favorite aesthetically, the packaging format. Like that boring, basic shades and shapes, but good quality tubes)) But this time, MAC took a tube of matte — very nice looks.
  • Manufacture: Italy. Volume: 3 gr.
  • Aroma: and here minus. Honestly, I never thought that I do not usually sensitive to fragrances cosmetics people will celebrate minus ???? I even lipsticks l’oreal, which many blamed for the “grandma’s” scent — easy to wear and love the available colors! But here, in my opinion, too much: scent sweetish-chemical and quite strong. As well as “taste” most of the lipstick still noticeable, sweet. I think that for some it will be very critical. I am unable to use lipsticks and they do it, but would prefer that such a bright aroma and taste of the lipstick was not. Therefore, advice — always smell before you buy!
  • Texture: very unusual) Anyway, I am glad that brands are not static and occasionally there are some new formulas textures, like Plushies or Lime Crime or the new glides from ???? NARS Lipstick is very soft, the stick is quite quickly consumed — despite the fact that it is dense in pigment. Very soft texture, well distributed over the lips. Feeling the familiar cream, while slightly dry, but tender and well moving my lips texture — something like that)))
  • Pigmentation my shades is good and color is quite intense with the first prokras) the first Two posts I saw about this line — I was surprised that the shades that showed girls were not very tight on Swatch and especially on the lips. My shades are quite pigmented. If you take the scale out of 10, where 10 is pigmentation a La liquid resistant lipstick type velvetine from lime Crime (that is, very dense color with the first application) I would put about 6-ku)
  • Finish my shades at first, not really matte, especially if layering. In the process of socks becomes, indeed, some powdery. Well, no wonder Powder listed in the title line, in General))
  • The resistance of the medium, the marks on the Cup, etc. — will leave, but not sticky. If you eat/drink something frivolous — shade may disappear at the junction of the lips. But can be corrected easily. Don’t even have to paint over again, you can just close your lips, since the texture of the plastic does not freeze lipstick on the lips.
  • Comfort is definitely there. Similar sensations with a line of Plushies Lime Crime. The lipstick does not dry lips during use and after removed, no desire to immediately apply the balm. Care, of course, I don’t notice, but the feeling after taking her lips — not like after most matte.
  • Price: 1480 roubles at the MAC website.
  • Rating: still 4+. Yes, for me it is lipstick on 5ku, but I think that the odorant and taste in such a active dose do not give this lipstick to be 100% versatile product. Judging by his shades, of course.
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Swatch and shadesfor yourself. All photos in the daylight in different weather conditions, one Swatch every shade — in white electric light, and a comparative Swatch with it.

  • Shade 301 A little tamed — dusky pink. It was pink, with no hints of “dusty” rose without fuchsia — a pure pale pink color. Quite casual, particularly a thin layer.

Bright white electric light.Two layers.Two layers the other day)application of a thin layer.Two layers.Two layers.The thin layer.

  • Shade 315 Lasting Passion — the site is described as “bright red”, but I see him more and with some slight coral undertone or what. Difficult shade to describe) switche gives a completely different colour than on the lips.

Bright white electric light.Two layers.Two coats is quite a powdery finish became.The thin layer.The thin layer. Two layers.Thinner layer.

Comparative Swatch of the two shades day / electric light.

The light of day.Electric bright white light.

*** Anya.

How do you like this line?) Do you like MAC lipsticks?

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