MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick No. 304 Sultriness No. 305 Burning Love

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MAC came out amazing a beautiful collection in a powdery texture, matte finish shades and life

The differences between these lipsticks from representatives of the main line already starts with the packaging. Here we have the classic bullet, just the case is made of slightly rubberized material, incredibly soft to the touch, like velvet. It’s great when the manufacturer makes these little chips, it is immediately remembered)

All the line is divided into two areas: sudovye shades (from almost color of concealer to a quite life) and bright. There are plenty to choose from!


We promise that the new lipstick will not dry the lips, so little that will not dry, still wet! The formula contains moisturizing powdery pigments, which will take care of our lips. Honestly, I’ve never noticed, and indeed feel that my lips are not very comfortable, you always want to use balms. I certainly did not have the best lips in terms of hydration, but that is in order and running. While on the other hand, the feeling of the Sahara either.

But the texture is really amazing! The stick looks like a lipstick matte pressed powder, otherwise you will not name. And you begin to put on the lips, feels ordinary satin lipstick, only without viscosity! Very easy to slip on when the stick is in contact with the lips and seemed to begin to conceal, it is easy to apply color fills all the crevices and bumps, just like bold lipstick with satin finish. That really is what surprised! I’ve never seen.

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The lipsticks have a strong vanilla perfume, and even vanilla taste. It does not bother me, but

But the first time I could not be her friend.

First, I apply lipstick dense layer, it from the first time markedly, covers your lip color and applied quite generously. And I have with this application it is constantly rolled out and after a couple of hours looked like a purchase from the nearest transition. Plus, a particularly bright shade emphasized all the dry patches and unevenness.

But then I remembered the promo photos and decided to try to apply lipstick easy to drive in motion with a purpose to not to heavy coverage and a light powder on the lips. And that’s when I opened my eyes to this product! It should be exactly the same and use! Light veil, the effect of the powder.

With this format, applying lipstick lies almost perfectly. Besides, keep for a long time, gradually disappearing, but it is almost imperceptible.

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick No. 304 Sultriness

In my opinion one of the most vital shades in the collection, I chose the pictures on the website, and when I saw my lipstick in person was very pleased with their choice)

The shade is a light frosty blush or rose petals with a neutral cool undertone. When the dense application when powdery shade first seen on the lips and it is very refreshing.

If you apply like a normal lipstick, it can be a little pleshevychi better to stick again. But in this case the lipstick starts to move in folds in about 20 minutes.

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But if a slight movement to achieve the effect of dust, the shade rests perfectly, without a single criticism, like lips covered with a light veil.

Rating: 4

MAC Powder Kiss Lipstick No. 305 Burning Love

A passionate shade of wine, with a slight undertone of plum notes. Tight application falls flat and leaves no bald spots from the first layer. Looks pretty good, but still a bit anxious to get away in the folds of the lips, although it is not as critical as in light shade.

With this shade gives a very cool effect zatselovali lips, the main thing to try to do the normal circuit, so that the makeup did not turn into mud.

Very plastic and well shade, you can apply a bit of stick, and then have to go with fingertips.

struck by fingers ofdense coating, looks a little dry

And the coolest thing I discovered for myself in these lipsticks – they are perfect with each other! To make a smooth transition possible for a couple of seconds with no brushes or sponges, they perfectly mix with each other, leaving no clear boundaries, no skukozhivaetsya at the junction.

I really like how the came out! And this smooth transition will get a minimum usiliyami for a couple of seconds.

Overall image:

Rating: 5-

Price: 1480 per

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