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A story about where the path butyricum and lovers of fantasy. Fairy-tale worlds, authentic characters, and, of course, a riot of colors. All this — under the cut.

A little background
Honestly, I don’t remember when and how it began my acquaintance with this wonderful brand. From an early age I was reading folklore (fairy tales, fables, legends) and fantasy. In adolescence somehow unwittingly joined in the beauty world. And who would have thought that one day these two passions found a common denominator. All thanks to Tammy.

About the brand
I suspect that this brand needs no introduction, but just in case let me remind you:
Tammy-Tanya is a domestic, indie-producer of loose pigment eyeshadow and sponsor my good mood on Wednesdays. In addition, do not be afraid this word, a vast color palette, Tammy surprise his bottomless reserves of creativity, thematic weeks and magical stories.

Somehow I wanted to make this caveat as a separate paragraph. I not long ago started to place orders on the official website, but already appreciated all the advantages of the process. All parcels came in an incredibly nice crafting packs (each represents the style of a thematic week). Seems to be a trifle frivolous, but it’s nice. And this is considering that in cosmetics for me, the content always prevails over form. decor, popular brand, etc. Here is such a paradox.
In the photo — package of the Week Wolf rocks
Weeks The Coast Of Dreams
Weeks honey melon and ripe grapes.

My collection
Their treasures I keep in a small chest, which gradually filled with new jars. Today more than twenty (including limitat inherited as a gift in drop-in games).
To stop me, apparently I’m not. In the nearest plans — to buy in the fall some frosted pumpkin and terracotta colors. But today I want to tell about their complete opposites – shining satin fabrics and rich metallics.

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I can’t describe this color as “fire.” Such a warm metallic red. Paradoxically, not look flashy, defiant or inappropriate. The official Swatch seemed brighter, downright explosive.
Specifications: it can be Applied without the vagaries (like a synthetic brush, or finger tip). For perfect shading and “entry” of pigment in the skin will need auxiliary colors (work well warm variations of terracotta, beige, pumpkin). If desired, you can enhance the color with a wet application method. On the basis of this pigment I kept a Bang, the evening could only slightly tarnish.

Queen of the nomads
Noble thick saffron gold. Decorate evening make-up, will fit for accent in the daytime makeup in bronze-brown tones.
Specifications: Very light handling tint. Without problems is transferred to the eyelid with a brush, virtually no flaking. In short, it will handle even a beginner. If the feather does not form the mud (which is important), but I would advise you to ottusit border in the crease a matte brown shadow.
General Swatch (daylight on the balcony, the base of the Jumbo pencil from NYX in the shade Milk).
Makeup — Pyromancy all over the eyelid + the Queen of the nomads in the area. The crease shadow from the palette Venus 2. Migracyjne space and lashes summarized matte brown shadows.
Protecting the forest.
pine-green satin shade. In the sunlight it can be seen, some warm Golden sheen. For me it is a kind of green every day.
Specifications: with a number of other green shades Tammy, who Protects the woods hides a brown base (it becomes visible when feathering). On the one hand, this is good — the shade looks more varied and somehow more expensive. On the other — there is always a risk ponastavili unsightly stains. To avoid such excesses, pigment is better to put a small flat brush and do not stretch to century, and “to trample” in the skin. Lasts for days great.

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Mermaid sandy beach
Calm and noble Golden colour, satin with a sparkle.
Specifications: Shade is smooth without any surprises and mischief. The only caveat — it has shimmer. So, it must be applied carefully to not crumble under the eyes. Resistance on the sticky base is great (I have a makeup with a Mermaid survived the new year’s eve).
General Swatch (daylight on the balcony, the base of the Jumbo pencil from NYX in the shade Milk).
Makeup — Protects the woods all over the eyelid + mermaid sandy beach as a highlighter highlight in the center. In his eyes, a Wondrous little thing. Migracyjne space and lashes summarized matte brown shadows. The mucous — green Jumbo pencil from Nyx.

Homolosine for the lover blue (me). The manufacturer describes this color as “lilac with turquoise shimmer” which is pretty close to reality.
Specifications: Shade is incredibly elegant, but when it is important not to forget about the aforementioned turquoise tide. To obtain a uniform coating, the pigment needs to be on the eyelid prikladyvaya careful movements, not to smudge. To tosevite also worth using subsidiary colors. In General, I would say that this is a good option for use on mobile eyelid (and not a very good solution to folds). PAVA can be applied wet (sprayed on brush clip make up). In this case, the color will turn out as similar to the Swatch manufacturer.

Excited babe
Limitka, Sunny apricot color with a reddish satin sheen. Yet managed to tame only as an accent. Do not really imagine it for yourself mono the makeover.
Specifications: everything is simple, no tricky or treacherous shimmery mica particles. Apply and flat brush, and moderately fluffy. Vitality (base) no questions.
General Swatch (daylight on the balcony, the base of the Jumbo pencil from NYX in the shade Milk).
Makeup as the base color acts PAVA, feathered shade Permanent guardian. Blik is made using the Excited little girl. Migracyjne space and lashes summarized matte brown shadows. Lower eyelid summed lilac Jumbo pencil from Nyx.

Oh, what!
Shade from the new summer collection. So far the only thing I decided. Expressive pinkish-peach mica requires a sticky base. On a neutral substrate will fit perfectly for a daytime smoky eye (fans of the effect of wet-century look), dark turns into a worthy evening option.
Swatch (daylight on the balcony, the base of the Jumbo pencil from NYX in the shade Milk).
Day makeup — Oh, over a creamy white pencil (you need to apply a layer more tightly to the particles of mica were kept century). Feathered arrow made plum shade from the palette Nude tude from The Balm. Mucosa is highlighted with the purple pencil.
For evening makeup is enough stronger to darken the crease (I have for this case are adapted okolicsanyi shades from the palette Venus2 Lime Crime) and put a pigment on a dark cream base (I have the Jumbo pencil from Nyx in the shade Dark brown)
Technical characteristics: Of the downsides of this particular shade can note his improved flowability (that I have seen on the eyelashes). It is better to be prepared for the fact that mica is a delicate matter (arm yourself with special patches or apply the tone and the concealer in the last turn). But the happy vitality throughout the day I have nothing disappears and is not slipping.

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Evaluation: in my opinion, all the heroes of the post deserve a solid five (Oh, what a — may a-minus).
Cost: I buy the pigments in samples (plastic šajbočka volume of 1 ml), the issue price of 250 rubles apiece. Full-length product (glass jar with a volume of 2 ml) is 400 rubles.

Thank you for your attention! 🙂

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