Magic magic tablecloth for your cosmetics travelling and not only

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Intrigued? πŸ™‚

Okay, not the ground, but certainly a table cloth, or windbreaker πŸ™‚ More info below.

I spotted this purse at a time when surfed to some website as the advertisement showed it to the left or right (can’t remember), it got me interested, clicked through, and saw that it costs $29.99 and only now! discount! only you!… mmmm ..

in fact, this was my expression at the time.

As the material here is polyester and no technology will need to create this miracle-Yuda, I climbed a well-known website… and bought it there. Beautician came efficiently packaged, quickly delivered, and most importantly, no weird smells. I’m happy with this purchase.

Now it will show the tablecloth in action.

Distribute all that can be useful during the journey. There is almost some miniatures: cream, serum, cushion, base, night masks, sunscreen, wipes, powder, brush and so on. There is a feeling that will fit approximately 25% of that or less, but Panoramio.

Each side has pockets, they are small and they will include only flat objects.

For example, samples of sachets.

Also the edges of attached strings, the same as it is usually done on the jackets. Material by the way, is also very similar jacket, high quality polyester thick and double stitched. Some places stick thread, but I did not cause this fact of rejection β€” I simply cut. (Strand pictured above at the bottom of the pocket)

The drawstring is very very long. Enough for two children’s jackets.

Well, what? Tighten.

Compactly it turned out, nothing fell out and wandering around. You can tie very tightly to even plug. I would even say that it is better to tie it tighter because…

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Surprise surprise! Chinese innovative idea with the Velcro πŸ™‚

They have different vectors. One vertical and the other horizontal, respectively, the contact area is scanty and Velcro hold for the kind words. But nothing to fall out can’t, we’re tightened.

To help you understand the size, it’s big β€” about average melons on the market.

In expanded form 50 by 50 cm

Conclusion: the Cosmetic bag is good, as one would say, the Germans Praktis, compactish, hood.

Convenient to take with you, especially where there is a place to decompose and occupy a horizontal surface… in a hotel, for example. My husband still toothbrush.

All in the mind, nothing to seek and sort out β€” turned and voila! But you have place a lot of space.

Thing well made, nice tactile feel, the colors me too happy, but on the website there are many other colors, from pink flamingos to gray-brown-crimson zigzag. ( if you suddenly do not like my choice).

You put it at 9 out of 10 for the Velcro misunderstood me.

How do you like the tablecloth? πŸ™‚

3$Ρ†Π΅Π½Π°9/10ΠΎΡ†Π΅Π½ΠΊΠ°4 weeks, 1P/metallomesogen

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