Magnetic Essence False Lashes – glamour lashes lashes 01 good, good day – magnetic false eyelashes

New from Essence — Magnetic Lashes, magnetic false eyelashes in the embodiment of glamour lashes lashes 01 good, good day, came to me by way of.

On new year’s theme party on the 20-th years of the last century, I have to try on quite alien to me. The aesthetics of this decade, a vivid embodiment of unbridled luxury and glamour, so contrary to my appearance, for the first time in my life I decided to try false eyelashes to create a corresponding image. For lack of experience and decided to practice. Who is interested in this experiment, I ask under kat.

Essence Magnetic Lashes — false lashes — glamour lashes lashes 01 good, good day

Trend collection Essence Magnetic Lashes! consists of six variants of false eyelashes and three accessories. Last night, when I saw this stand at the drogerie, a great deal was sold out, I had a few sets of eyelashes, I opted for the option 01 glamour lashes lashes good, good day.

Magnetic glamour lashes lashes 01 good, good day

The novelty lies in the fact that the eyelashes are attached with magnets, so they are suitable for re — use “reusable”. According to the manufacturer, they are “easy to adhere in an instant” thanks to the magnets. However, as far as I know, Essence is not the first brand offering false eyelashes with magnetic mount. Perhaps they just have not been available for sale.

Essence Magnetic Lashes Application

The packaging clearly demonstrates how to attach the eyelashes. The upper part of the lashes Top Lash, the ends of which are magnets, is applied to the eyelashes on the top and secured with the two lower parts of lashes — Bottom Lash, also contain magnets.

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Magnetic Lashes Essence — Directions for Use

Thinking that Sunday morning is the best time to see the new and unusual product, I immediately decided to take action.

And here I was waiting for a big surprise.

When I began to gently pull the left lash out of the case, the part of her that was attached by a magnet to the pack, broke away and remained glued to the case! I did not expect, not knowing what to think. Even more gently I moved to the other of the upper eyelash. And here is the true culmination — both of the magnetic end came off the lashes remained firmly glued to the packaging! Having waited the first shock, I decided to somehow adapt, or rather to try, first the eyelash with the remaining one magnet to at least imagine how I will look false eyelashes.

On the left eye — part of the magnetic Essence glamour lashes, which I have been able to attachMagnetic Essence False Lashes — glamour — in profile

Magnetic Essence False Lashes

Write a post in hot pursuit, because I can not hide his disappointment. I also note that yesterday already bought this product and standing in line at the cashier in another store I overheard a conversation between two girls, one of whom is very emotionally discouraging another from buying such magnetic lashes. Apparently, not one they brought me in despair.

This is the first and so bad experience with false eyelashes completely repulsed me the desire to try other, conventional models of eyelashes of any brands. Better will be in its usual manner without the drama and glamour than cast over them, and then, even worse, to think that I have, figuratively speaking, “it’s loose”… :)) And just Essence there is a very decent mascara False Lashes, which I will probably get a festive makeover.

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5,95€цена1/10оценка1 day, 1P/danapalooza Composition: pack contains 1 pair of eyelashes for reuse

Have you tried these magnetic false eyelashes? Maybe I was just unlucky or am I doing something wrong? Are there win-win options for false eyelashes for beginners?

I would be very grateful for advice!

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