Make heaps of samples and thumbnails.

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Will be a lot of photos regarding uporyadochennykh heaps.

I was going to disassemble the probe and to understand what I have and how to use it all.
Today expertly made.
Divided into categories and each put in a box. Happened:
— dekorativka,
— hair products

Hair a bit:

Decorative too little, but use it less than I want:

Skincare in large quantity:


I decided to join the Project Pan this mess to begin with. And then tighten the other, more permanent heap (shower gels, care, dekorativka).

I want to try to finish all the samples for the year. Do not take less time, because they want to use their basic care, and the probe — side is still fun;)).

The first part is taken on the sea and show what happened to finish and did I get this expected pleasure.

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