Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Mat High Pigment Lipstick M100

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Holiday makeup without a standard bright lips? Easy.

Pearl nodovoy my collection of lipsticks — MUFE M 100.

I do not know what to combine bright eye makeup? M 100. Don’t want to overload the face? M 100. In any unclear situation, apply M 100. (C)

This chic nodoby shade with a drop of pink is suitable for absolutely any makeup and the occasion. Creamy texture is easy to apply on lips from the stick or brush. Lipstick gives a thick layer of color with the first application, and overrides even the bright pigment of the lips. Although it is one of the lightest shades, it looks like putty or tone (2007, Hello).

Full image (artificial lighting):

Despite the fact that the lipstick is very resistant and has a matte finish, it is very comfortable to wear and is not felt during the day. Does not dry the lips and does not emphasize the relief. Of course, if the lips obvious and noticeable peeling, it is better to use the lip mask and balm, and lipstick postponed until better days.

Like all lipsticks from MUFE M 100 sticky with mucous and does not escape into folds, is coming off evenly and gently. Perfume and fragrance is pleasant and the fragrance is felt only when applied.

Swatch (warm natural and cool lighting):

1600₽цена10/10оценка10 months, 3P/nudeleisaibens

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