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Today we talk about makeup base brand Miniso. Consider its application, and I will Express my opinion about the suitability of this database, and what type of skin it would fit.

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In the foreground on the right there is a mark “From Natural Plants”that immediately inspires confidence. The tube itself is nice to hold in hands, it is to the touch like silicone, decorated in style. Contain information about weight, the number of shade. In my case this is shade number 01 — Pink. The dispenser serves as a convenient spout through which comes the means.

The product was sold in a box, there was specified the composition and information about the manufacturer, but hopelessly lost.

Weight — 30 g

The base is white, and not pink. There are subtle radiant particles.

Flavor is really grassy, pharmacy.

The consistency is thick, dense.

Spread a DAB on the hand:

Base slightly brightening the skin, shiny particles, almost not noticeable

Posted product tight, lies a dense layer. For some it may be an unpleasant moment.

My skin without a base, on a face care:

I don’t know what number base you need to apply on the face, put one confident servings on forehead, nose, both cheeks, chin and neck, and distribute database by hand. If you try to work with a smaller amount of the product due to the dense texture I have to make more efforts for its distribution, consequently, more to stretch the skin.

The skin after applying the base:

The base is moisturizing and permeates the skin

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If I plan to put a thick dry cream, I always use this pre – makeup base from Miniso. It is for my dry skin creates extra moisturizing layer and prevents the underline peeling and dryness of the skin. There is also a small effect of smoothing skin texture.

Extend the durability of Foundation I have not noticed. But any tone lies with this base is much better and more evenly.

Adverse reactions for me. Base did not cause any inflammation or rashes. I would be happy to continue to use.

Consumption is quite economical. Although I put quite a lot of product at once.

I can recommend this remedy for dry and combination skin by far. For oily skin advice is not taken, she has other needs, and the durability of makeup product especially do not extend. It’s not mattifying base. And what’s more, the extra thick sticky layer base for oily skin to anything.

— creates an additional layer of moisture;
— budget cost;
— low consumption;
— evens out skin texture. I’m not sure what will work for oily skin;
— not available in every store;
— extend the durability of makeup.

159₽цена7/10оценка5 months, 2P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Dry skin, without any problemsIngredients: Water, glycerin, squalane, propylene glycol, titanium dioxide, polydimethylsiloxane five-cylinder, magnesium sulfate, magnesium stearate, extract of the stem of the agave Americana, methylparaben, Methylisothiazolinone, essence.

The composition can be viewed by clicking on the button with the bottle above⬆

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