Makeup for any occasion with palette Tom Ford Honeymoon


Good day!

Speech will go today about a simple makeup that will perfectly fit into the feast, and in the world. Depending on the lipstick can go with him day and night, will feel at ease. I’m a lover of brown, gold, bronze tones on the eyelids. If you, too, then makeup you will go.

The first thing I give the face in order to clean up the bruises, evens the tone, cheeks, blush, powder and of course, in the right places. Now for centuries, this time I did without the base. I wanted diversity, so that the eyelid clean.

Take waterproof brown gel pencil (I have the UD shade Hustle), which will become a perfect base to paint from the ciliary region is quite widespread (do not have to try and draw, because it’s still retusum), starting on the mucosa of the upper eyelid. Then take a fluffy synthetic brush and shade, stretching to the temples.

Next, go to the palette Tom Ford. Finger, dial a bronze tinge in the upper row on the right, and priklepyvayut movement apply to all the mobile eyelid.

Now go to the very darkest shade in the palette and natural with a fluffy brush to deepen the crease. Typed quite a bit that the color was translucent.

The time has come of the lower eyelid. Take a flat brush and a matte brown shade stress, pulling the figure to his temples. Next, take your favorite sculptor and shaded borders.

Next stage. The lightest touch illuminated area of the eye, tusevima in our main eye makeup. Next, remove, up, getusetype left, dye eyelashes, eyebrows, lips — chose a brighter shade (Bobbi Brown has a post) and ready. You can go out.

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As always, everything is simple and clear.

Hope you liked it.

Thank you for your attention!

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