Makeup revolution eyeshadow palette Soph X

Good day! Today I want You to meet my favorite palette — Makeup revolution eyeshadow palette X Soph. It was created by the brand Makeup revolution, together with the British blogersha Sophie, the author of YouTube-channel sophdoesnails (and the eponymous instagram account). What they did — see under the cut.

This box attracts attention, doesn’t it?) On the obverse the name of the palette and set that inside 24 shades professional eyeshadow weighing 1.1 grams each.

On the back is situated the part of shadow and the flowchart of the shades.

The palette itself looks different than the box (which pleases me). It also has a large inscription the fashionable colors of pink gold.

On the back of the duplicated composition.

Well, the contents of the palette 24 shades and a huge mirror, very convenient. Brush/sponge no for me — so even better. Their brushes are familiar, convenient, and often better, than those that are included with shadows. Matte shadows here 12, 10 shimmery and two matte with Golden sparkles.

What about the quality of the shadows? In my subjective opinion, at the height of it. The brand Makeup revolution I love. This is my third palette from it. On MUR New-trals vs neutrals palette even wrote a post.

Last month, the makeup I use is only (!) the heroine of the post. It has everything you need and even more. If you want some color you can use as a highlighter or for the eyebrows. It will make discreet daily makeup to the office or to show imagination and “procreativity”.) Almost all the shadows are well applied, amenable to overlaying and perfectly mixed together.

Each color has a name written on the plastic liner. Always interesting the things that people are thinking that the title put the author.

Swatch with no base is just a dry finger on a dry hand in the order in the palette.

And in the sun. Here I have applied them in this order: basic matte, orange-red and shimmer from top to bottom and left to right.

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Will show also the shades close, to review groups of 6.

I’ll tell you more about each shade. Top description and my translation of the names (not professional, please correct if wrong), below is a photo.

Penguin (“penguin”) — matte white. Falls thin. Not dusty. Pigmentation at C grade. Suitable for lightening the area under the eyebrow.

Pancakes (“blini”) — the color magically blends with my skin) is Indispensable for easy “makeup without makeup” and blush. Well pigmented shade.

Fairy lights (“fairy lights”) — a light Golden shimmer. I use it in the inner corner of the eye. Can work as a highlighter for the face. Large sequin does not contain. Well-pigmented.

Pink champagne (“pink champagne”) — a very beautiful light pink shimmer with small silver glitter. It reminded me of the color of Maybelline color tattoo Rose gold. Perfectly applied on the eyelid even without a base (preferably a finger).

Iced coffee (“iced coffee”) is another shade for smooth shading (or, as they say, “transit”). Slightly warmer and darker than “Pancakes”, with orange color nuance.

Cuppa tea (“Cup of tea”. What Brit doesn’t like tea? :)) more red ochre tint. Good pigmentation, perfect feather, not dusty. When it all)

Grow old (“old”?) — bronze-red-Golden hue. To him I have questions. He has a loose texture, which is poorly tolerated without base. More like flakes of glitter.

Sparks fly (“sparks fly”) — the color is similar to the previous one, but more of a Golden. Its texture I like a lot more. Flatter blue eyes. It is possible to make a simple but effective makeover.

Smokey bronze (“smoky bronze”) is an interesting bronze color with a nice soft texture that can be applied with your finger. Darker than the previous two.

Mixed berries (“mixed berries”) — this color drew me in the second turn (the first green). Crimson-silver shimmer with a reddish-purple tint. To be fully revealed, it is better to use a base or wet.

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Tiramisu (tiramisu, paradoxically 🙂 ) — light-brown hue, another for makeup “Nude”.

Peaches (“peaches”) — well, no, the peaches are) Orange-brown shade with tiny gold sequins, which is almost not visible.

Cloudberry (moroshka) — and here I agree with the title) Beautiful light orange shade with Golden sparkles. Well suited for red make-UPS as a transitional color in the crease of the eyelid.

Pumpkin (“pumpkin”) — again the name by. Where they saw a red pumpkin? And these shadows are red. Matt. I like them very much.

Pine tree (Sosna) — the star of the palette. The stunning beauty of gold and green shimmer. A little bit loose. Falls like clockwork) Pigmentation — super. No bases, no glue for glitter, this is not necessary) the Shade is very beautiful and suitable, I think, for any eye color.

Petrol (“gasoline”?) many have seen such a brown-bluish duochrome, so there’s nothing unique. I admit, this color I was a little disappointed. For applying it a little worse than the previous one, falls more subtly and smoothly.In the first century does not give a very pronounced greenish tint, alas. Brown base has a reddish hue.

Pug (“pug”) is a coat color of the pug? In any case, it is a universal color for any makeup look from daytime to evening from Paris to the findings of quelli 🙂 Good to blend shadows in the crease to draw the soft shadow, and eyeliner of the lower eyelid.

Danger (danger) — a danger, too many photos, the audience is asleep) shade of crimson-Burgundy color was similar in the palette MUR New-trals vs neutrals. Perfect for use in red and pink makeup.

Sweets Strawberry (“strawberry sweets”) — still one of my favorite colors (how many times I wrote the word “shade”? D ), bright raspberry pink. It is possible to transform the makeup, to revive and make it interesting with one stroke of the brush.

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Festive flame (“festive flames”) — one color, did not meet my expectations. In appearance red, rather orange shimmer. Pigmentation without a base is weak.

Copper coin (“copper coin”) is a direct bull’s-eye, it was the color of copper. Very beautiful copper shimmer, perfect to apply, bright. Well suited for blue eyes, playing on the contrast.

Mug cake (“cake in a mug”) is a warm brown. Can they darken the outer corner of the century, to strengthen the shadow in the crease or touch up eyebrows if they fit.

Rosewood (“rosewood”) is similar to the previous brown, but with a more cool pink color nuance. Features are the same, perhaps, more suitable for cold mansion.

Nightmare (“nightmare”) — black as ravens wings. Useful as a liner or for a dramatic blackout. Though the color and coal-black, and the pigmentation is beautiful, this shade great shade.

To demonstrate this more clearly, will show some of my makeup. I’m not a makeup artist, so how it happened.)

Day version to the office (involving matte shades + Fairy lights in the inner corner):

Added a little orange in the corners.

But we’re not there for Nada going?))

It looks like in the eyes of Mixed berries:

And here is a Festive flame:

Sparks fly:


Pine tree:

Cost: 1066 p. in Russian Internet-shop of cosmetics.

Term test: a month.

Rating: 5!

Of course, every brand has fans and not fans. We all have different skin, physical activity and weather conditions. On me the shade MUR holding up well and long, do not roll down more than 8 hours. I always use a base under shadow (eyelids fat, otherwise nothing.) My favorite is Essence I love colour intensifying eyeshadow base.

“Think for yourself, decide for yourself — to have or not to have”)

Thank you all who have read to the end, and have a nice day!

Nastya, you’re/You will be comfortable.

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