“Makeup Revolution” – take two, but without the chocolate

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Hello girls!

I recently wrote a review about the palette“Redemption Palette” from the brand Makeup Revolution, which, despite their attractive colors, were not of high quality.

When I was asked to test again the palette, but this time “no chocolate” I agreed, with the aim to compare the quality, because this brand is not good enough cosmetic products and do not want to because of several failed devices to make a negative conclusion about whole brand in General.

Of course, to agree to testing samples of shadows in a period when “raging” allergic to ragweed, it was not a good idea, but I have tried to show all the shades, although many of them indistinguishable from each other.


Price: 440 roubles

Composition: 12 base (matte) shades that will suit almost everyone.

Volume: 14 g

Classification: professional

Manufacturer: China (UK)


If we talk about colors, to me they are not quite perfect. Most of the flowers is delicate sudovye shades, but in addition they are rich, dark color that I had a special love, turning immediately into a “femme fatale” (just kidding). All the shades are matte. If you combine several colors, you can create a gentle way for every day and bright makeup for a night out.

The kit comes with double sided eyeshadow brush, which is quite easy to cause shadows on the eyelid.

When applying shadow to the eye, they are barely noticeable and look very natural. Although I used a little to another view of the shadows. Applied easily and does not crumble. Shadows remain only on the eyes, even dark shades.

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The only thing that is strange to me that eyeshadow palette 12 shades, but on the eyelid they look almost the same. Light shades generally are not distinguishable among themselves on the eyelid.

*To color became noticeable in the eye, you need to make the effort and apply it to the eyelid more than once.

In the socks: the shadows do not roll or shatter. They just fade away and somewhere disappear themselves.

I use mainly the dark shadows and bright paint in the corner of the eye or a dark shade. The quality of drawing and fine texture that does not crumble and is not slipping I would put excellent, but the saturation of colors and their durability would put the 4 huge drawback.

I think this shade will suit young girls who love to create the nude makeup style.

Do not judge strictly, I represent to your attention all the shades in turn. Make their own conclusions and leave them in the comments.

Can change the lighting.

Test time: less than one month.

As you can see, the colors are not very different….

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