Mango “Mango Lady rebel,” and it’s just about lady?

When I picked up a bottle was bought, but as they say, don’t judge a book by its cover))

Mango was founded by brothers Isaac and Nahman Andikom in Spain. The company started with the production of women’s clothing, and in 1984, Isaac and Nahman opened his first store. Why the company chose the name MANGO? The creators liked the fruit tasted them for the first time in the Philippines, it was decided to give the name of its brand. Besides the name of this fruit are easy to read and written in all languages of the world. The flavor “MANGO Lady rebel” was released in 2009 and its development involved such artists as Puig and Sonia Constant.

First, let’s talk about the basic characteristics.

Top notes: Mojito, pineapple, strawberries.

Heart notes: woody accord, rose water.

Base notes: sugar, patchouli.

The concentration of the aroma as the eau de toilette.

Perfume belongs to the group of floral fruity.

Shall sing a little ode package😅 Making the fragrance just bomber. Hands at the sight of him stretched themselves to the shelf😄. I hadn’t even thought about what scent I’m going to try, I was attracted by the packaging. Glass. heavy bottle, a little Gothic style, pleasantly lies in a hand. The glass itself is transparent and the liquid inside is purple in color. On the lid is engraved with the first letter of the brand name and flavor printed on the label on the touch convex. Each time, taking him in hand, get aesthetic pleasure.

The aroma is sweet but tart, I distinctly feel the touch of something woody, mojitos and, strangely enough, the banana, although it is not stated in the pyramid. With the image of the lady, something graceful and dignified flavor I have, for some reason, it doesn’t. It seems to me that this perfume is a girl with a naughty lifestyle, concerts, bars, on trips. Undoubtedly, the aroma will suit teenagers and young girls. On a date, for example in a restaurant, I would not wear because I associate it with something crazy and tear-off. For me this perfume smells of youth.

When I was just going to listen to aroma, I was expecting to hear something kind of peaceful smell “United Dreams Love Yourself” from Benetton, which I recently wrote. I missed your expectations completely😅 the Smell of “Lady rebel MANGO” bright and juicy, short, which, alas, disappointing. Only 4 to 6 hours. But given the cost, perfume is a very low cost, it’s not criminal. Train felt — it notes of cotton candy and patchouli. Given that the volume of toilet water is very high, it is enough for many years. I am very happy with the purchase.

Let us summarize)

the smell
the presence of the plume
external vidyalankar resistance

volume: 100ml

price: 900-1300 R.

period of use: 3 years

rating: 5

Thank you that read to the end💜 have you Tried this scent and if so, whether he liked you as I like?

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