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Being heard about the strength of the pencils Marc Jacobs took a sample of brown thin pencil for drawing migracyjnej line. What we have in the end?

I have to say that as soon as I held the thin stylus on the skin of the arm, I could not believe my eyes. A rich line of vinyl dark brown finish. With this touch pen, I didn’t even feel it, it is so easy to apply. 10 seconds line froze and erase it was possible only with a special cloth. But the hand and eyes?.. In any case, subdued thereby the behavior of the pencil, I took it to the cashier.

The stylus gets out very slowly with the help of a hundred turns of the case. And all because the back to twist the pencil is impossible. Therefore, be careful and Unscrew the small portions. The stylus is soft and huge.

The weight of the pencil is 0.11 g and believe me, with daily use it will end sooooo quickly. I draw them only milesyou line and already twisted three times per week use.

As one would expect, on the hand, the pencil draws much better than on the eyelid, where the skin is thin very mobile and easily wrinkled. Milesyou line and the mucosa leads without problems. Very soft, does not scratch the eyelid, a thin pencil gets to the most difficult places of the upper eyelid, where an ordinary pencil to get unpleasant.

To draw the arrow… Not much. Slightly pull the skin, as well as spend them a few times, then pulls significantly. Even though he was obedient, but on top of the dry shadow, but still applied to the base for durability, draws normally. Not good and not great. Okay. Tolerable. Like many cheaper pencils. For example, ArtDeco, there are also series of narrow pencils. Lizaveta23 thanks for the tip!

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All I could squeeze out of it, well, do not know how to draw with pencil hands with comfort, only “milesnick”((

Indisputable fact: eyeliner with brush, the same Clinique Pretty Easy Liquid Eyelining Pen draws an arrow in General, without any pressure and the slightest stretching of the skin. Well, what I’m going to pull the eyelid with a pencil, even very expensive? Still passing through the same place multiple times? In my case it is only good for migracyjnej line, where he is a student.

The second time is unlikely to buy, there are many worthy counterparts for 400 RUB.

Rating: 4-

Price: 1,500 rubles.

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