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Anti-age Serum and Lifting Serum

Some time ago in the Russian market there was a novelty. Manufacturer of the famous masks with laminaria produced a series of serum with three types of hyaluronic acid.

In addition to hyaluronic acid in the composition added to the different assets, so the range of several sera with different purposes.

But the composition initially, and feel unable to say that first and foremost these serums moisturizing.

However, I review two anti-aging serums. One that promises to combat wrinkles and the other the restoration of facial contours.

Compositions: on the left, Anti-age, Lifting right

Composed of three types of hyaluronic acid, which are provided with different depths of penetration and therefore the depth of the moisture.

Advanced Anti-aging algae extract Undarii motley, which promises to increase firmness and elasticity, regeneration and smoothing effect.

In Lifting the Exopolysaccharide synthesized by marine planktonic microorganisms. This polysaccharide gives the effect of a mechanical lift due to compression as the drying.

Preservative Sharomix 708 — Soft eco-friendly preservative broad spectrum

INCI: Benzyl alcohol, Benzoic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Glycerin.

Packaging — 30 ml bottle with pipette, suitable for this means, no complaints there.

The texture is very liquid gel, Asian toners are, like thick water.

Structure and behavior, by the way, talking about the fact that the serum prevalence of low and medium molecular hyaluronic acid, i.e. the deeper moisture.

The smell is almost there.

Serum applied both equally easy and comfortable, are well distributed in a thin layer, are well absorbed, leaving no stickiness or feeling of the film.

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Serum with mechanical lifting after absorption gives the feeling of slight tension on the skin, but it removed the following, so pure to expect a correction of an oval face I would not.

Serum Anti-age did not particularly felt in addition to moisture.

These serums I have played the role of underlying moisture, I applied after cleaning the first room. Used with phonophoresis, so applied to wet skin and constantly irrigated with wild raspberries, while doing phonophoresis. Without hydrolate all, because the serum absorbed quickly and give an almost dry finish.

Phonophoresis helps hyalurone to penetrate deeper, of course. But without it, the serum fills the skin with moisture, even seen as filled with skin.

And Yes, of course, this is not a standalone tool, so be sure to put on top of the cream, and until the serum has dried. If you are slow, and it has dried, it is better to spray with wild raspberries.

Hyaluronic acid (as well as polysaccharides as glycerin) creates a hydrogel film, which retains moisture on the skin. And the film itself must be protected from drying with oils.

(I write this having read reviews on the. can say, the precedent explanations. You have to be Captain Obvious).

TZ moisturizing serum excellent.

They are comfortable light texture that is suitable for any skin type.

They are well moistened (hurry up close the cream).

They do not create discomfort type of stickiness or heaviness.

They fit phonophoresis (contain oils).

They are environmentally friendly composition.

They are economically spent and are inexpensive.

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Hydration good competitor Asian onlinealbum can compare with Storyderm, no worse.

TZ anti-aging effect (anti-wrinkle and lifting), I will say that it’s not main, and sinks into a more serious routine.

Ie any significant effect on wrinkles and facial contours, I said no.

The circle: for good hydration can take any, I think.

The price is about 800 rubles per 30 ml.

The testing period is 2.5 months

Girls, use a moisturizing serum care?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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