Marinella Lifting Serum and Anti-age Serum

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Serum in glass bottles – it’s nice. Drop on a tiled floor, of course, not necessary, but the bottles are high quality, do not leak even after opening, can easily survive transport in the supine position, but the pipettes I have questions.

In both my serums glass part of the pipette was initially pushed into the rubber so that the press were not much, even a drop did not work to gain. I tried gently bring them forward and it worked. However, the first couple of weeks I was afraid that the glass pipette in General will drop, but my fears were unfounded.

However, even with the usual empty band at the top is serum is typed in a little. This is the maximum that you can dial in the pipette. I have this little have to dive 2-3 times.

The second problem that I had – serum is very much tied to the skin after application. I put them on top of moisturizing lotion Hada Labo, and still, the skin in five minutes hysterically demanded of cream, and three layers! A single layer of a light cream not saved after half an hour was required to apply a second.

A brand representative told me to apply a serum to wet from the water skin. This method for me was not too comfortable, I love to wipe the face after washing, but he canceled a tightening effect.

Every serum I’ve used separately to better understand the action, the period of use for 5-6 weeks each.

The texture of both serums is the same – slightly thicker than water, I did not photograph the same thing a few times. Are very good, economical, absorbed quickly expressed no smell, slipperiness of the skin do not give.

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The volume of bottle is 30 ml.

Marinella Lifting Serum.

Ingredients: water, EPS SEAFILL P (a component of EPS SEAFILL is a unique, pure and natural Exopolysaccharide. Synthesized by planktonic marine microorganisms harvested in the Iroise sea near Brest in Brittany, France), (Water (and) Alteromonas ferment extract (and) Phenoxyethanol), HA-T (1-1.8 Mda) (vysokomolekulyarnomu acid), HA-TLM (200-400 KDa) (medium molecular hyaluronic acid) HA-TLM (30-50 KdA) (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid), Sharomix 708.

The manufacturer says that three different sizes of hyaluronic acid (low-molecular, medium molecular, high molecular) penetrate deep into the skin at different levels, provide moisturizing, regenerating, smoothing effect.

Also promises to effect the tightening and smoothing of wrinkles in 15 minutes.

This serum I liked more, though the feeling of her, of course, strange – like a face pull together in a knot at the nape. Initially very confused by this feeling, and then used.)

As I wrote above, apply the serum should be onto damp skin, then there is no feeling of tightness. Immediately after the serum I apply the cream, otherwise, still after a couple of hours will be somewhat uncomfortable.

The feeling of skin tightening is fast enough, but it feels fresh and taut. Visual impact on wrinkles I had not noticed, perhaps because I have not so much. That is, if you want instant visual impact – it is better to use Japan Gals masks with collagen.

The moisturizing serum is, but again, not momentary. Without the cream, the serum can not be worn, without a wet skin to put it is impossible – there’s no instant moisture, but in the end I used to care, but paired with a fat cream, removed moisturizing lotions and tonics, and the skin did not suffer from lack of moisture.

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The main cumulative effect that I noticed – elasticity. After about 4 weeks the skin is much more elastic than it was before.

6 weeks left 10-15 ml.

Marinella Anti-age Serum.

This serum also three kinds of hyaluronic acid and a lot of seaweed extract is the manufacturer calls the main active components. The serum promises to restore the triangle of beauty in 14 days. I looked it up, what is the triangle of beauty, and I doubt that it can work without exercise, so I have appointed for themselves the triangle area from the hairline to the bottom of the neckline. ???? Beauty superfluous ????

This serum is more focused on hydration, in my opinion. The feeling of tightness is, in the case of applying enough to wet the skin, but less than with Lifting Serum. From it, again, don’t expect instant moisture, on the contrary, most want to put the cream on but the skin is comfortable regardless of the dry air, heaters, temperature and weather conditions.

But some noticeable impact on the triangle of lines, for example, I didn’t notice. Elasticity and truger skin I liked it better during use, the Lifting Serum.

6 weeks spent approximately 20 ml.

In terms of hydration this serum is better, in terms of elasticity Lifting Serum, so now I just switched to their combination and alternation and back moisturizing lotions just in case.

The price for each of the serum – 780 rubles.

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