MartiDerm ampoules for hair growth Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules

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MartiDerm is one of the leading Spanish brands. History lab MartiDerm began in 1952 thanks to josé martí tor. It was created as an offshoot of the eponymous pharmacy, specializing in the creation of “prescription” dermatological drugs. The second generation of the family created a brand MartiDerm dermacosmetics with innovative products.

MartiDerm supports the principles of its founder, the rigor of the control over the entire process of creating and manufacturing a cosmetic product, which determines its quality and optimal concentration of active ingredients.

MartiDerm Anti Hair-Loss Ampoules ampoules to combat different types of hair loss (androgenetic alopecia and telogen effluvium) is slow the process of hair loss and strengthen them, stimulate the growth and thickening of hair.

In box 14 small bottles of dark glass and two medical nozzle of the pipette.

It’s simple: the cover is fastened on the jar is screwed on the dropper, and all — “ampoule” is ready to use.

Active ingredients:

Factors of hair growth (HGFx3) (IGF, VEGF and follistatin ) — cell regeneration and recovery, affect 5-alpha-reductase, activate microcirculation and metabolism, reduce fibosis and inflammation, stimulate the recovery of the dermal Papila.

IGF-1 for the sustenance of cells, regeneration and rapid propagation (proliferation).

VEFG for vascularization and nutrition.

Follistatin slows the onset of the stage of catagen (transitional phase, the cycle for the production of the hair shaft stop), slows down hair loss.

Biotin, oleic acid and apigenin — improve the consolidation and the structure of the bulb, affect 5-alpha-reductase, activate microcirculation and metabolism.

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CLA glutathione — antioxidant, protects and moisturizes, activates the metabolism, reduces inflammation and fibosis

Tocopherol nicotinate — vasodilator, activates microcirculation and metabolism

Vitamins and sulfur — increase the number of anagen (active growth phase) hair follicles, activates microcirculation and metabolism, stimulate the recovery of the dermal Papila.

Composition: hyaluronic acid complex and silicon,tightening proteins, soft focus particles

I’m parsing the compositions are not strong, so if you understand and can explain anything in terms of composition — I’d be happy to hear your opinion.

The consistency is like plain water, with the smell of pear juice. Pretty naturality a hint of pear. Can be applied to dry or wet hair. I liked it more on dry hair. Although wet it is also easy to apply. Before use hair should be thoroughly brushed, the user is — “saturate with oxygen the scalp with a soft hairbrush about 2 minutes.” All the contents of the ampoule should be applied on the affected skin, distributing evenly over the scalp (dry or wet) and massage gently with fingertips for complete absorption of the product. My problem areas is the area of bald patches, the whiskey and the side area. As a laughing friend hairdresser: my hair is growing for the type of “Mohawk”, the parietal and the occipital part of the hair is quite thick. So I first put the product on problem areas and then what is left, is distributed over the entire head. After two or three uses, I learned more correctly to spread the product to more fall on the scalp and less on the hair. And I was grabbed the vial on his head. Does not require rinsing, absorbs quickly, not greasy hair.

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Means very much. I really noticed hair growth. Fine hair receding hairline grew up and became thicker. And all over the head grew up and became more sensitive for small fingers “undercoat”. Don’t know how to call these hairs). And most importantly — hair combs has become less! All the hair fall has not ceased and will not cease, it will be every day and this is normal and natural in a reasonable and standard limits. Don’t know if I can handle ampoules with strong hair loss, but in milder forms of hair loss and prevention — is fine. Thickening hair I have not noticed may 14 vials enough for this. But noticeable reduction of hair loss and the active growth of hair, especially “young” hair (the same “undercoat”) the vials give. The price of the vials is not small, but not exorbitant. I think at least once a year it is necessary to use them. To prevent sure. I’m 42 years old, thin hair, medium thickness, length below the shoulder blades, paint in average once a month. Grey hair is also there)). Special and “terrible” problem I have with the hair there, to take care of them I love. But as they say in the old truth — it is better to preserve what is there than to try to recover.

I used the “shock treatment” every day on the ampoule.

Supportive care: one ampoule three times a week.

Rating: 5+

Country of origin: Spain

Packing: 14 28 ampoules and vials

Price: 3 800 and 5 500 rubles

Testing period: 14 times

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