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A new study from Mary Kay proves the advantages of using fruit extracts in cosmetic products of skin care.

At the annual meeting of the society of researchers of dermatology (SID) this month, senior researcher Mary Kay Tiffany Carl presented results of the study serum, established by the research division of the company using a combination of the five extracts of fruit rich in vitamin C.

“Our team’s research and development seeks to develop technologies in the products, so we can help improve the health of the skin and to provide women around the world the confidence that they have the skin you deserve,” says Dr. Lucy Gildea, chief scientific officer of Mary Kay. – Participation in such events as the SID allows us to examine and share relevant research, so we can continue to provide meaningful benefits and innovative products for consumers.”

Skin care and personal care products made with natural ingredients, continues to enjoy popularity among consumers of cosmetics, and the team of Gildea in Mary Kay recognizes, but does not rely on it completely. “There is a segment of consumers who prefer herbal ingredients. However, not all vegetable and fruit extracts suitable for use in cosmetics for the skin. In the company of Mary Kay, our decision to use ingredients based on safety, quality and efficiency. We research and test many plant extracts and fruit to find ingredients that meet our high standards.”

For the study, presented at SID this month, a team of Mary Kay came from the fact that the fruit extracts usually contain large amounts of nutrients and high levels of antioxidants that are beneficial for your skin. Thus, the focus of researchers came fruit extracts that contain high levels of vitamin C, a known antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidative damage caused by the environment.

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Was selected five extracts – acerola, camu camu, Kakadu plum, black currant and pomegranate. In an independent clinical study serum, consisted of these fruit extracts, caused improve texture of the skin in 100% of participants testing, 96% of survey participants had improved skin condition after 4 weeks of use. Full results Tiffany Carl, presented at the SID meeting, confirmed that the initial genomic evaluation showed that four major classes of genes that are important for skin elasticity. In addition, the study showed that treatment with serum increased the production of proteins of the skin matrix, collagen and laminin, which support skin elasticity.

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