Mascara, about which legends. Compare Vivienne Sabo Cabaret, Cabaret Cabaret, Premiere and Premiere Waterproof

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Welcome, dear girl! I think it makes no sense to talk about how popular sensational mascara Vivienne Sabo — know about it already, perhaps, everything. Today I would like to compare all three variations and Cabaret to share with you my impressions.

Brush all three versions are relatively similar — silicone, with short fibers of different lengths. The Rev limiter is working properly everywhere, ink on the brush is gaining moderately, without excess.

Swatch (top to bottom — Cabaret, Cabaret, Premiere, Premiere Cabaret Waterproof)

We test for resistance? Washed my hand under running water without using owimoweh funds. Cabaret and Cabaret Premiere vanished almost without a trace, and Waterpoof hadn’t even planned to slip away. The pigment stayed in place like a glove.

Now moisten a cotton pad with micellar water Garnier, and diligently trying to remove waterproof mascara. As you can see, the result is so-so. More precisely, as for me, waterproof mascara is just a great result ???? it is best to remove the remains of the Cabaret Waterpoof with hydrophilic oil or dwuhfazno.

Vivienne Sabo Cabaret in shade 01 Black Classic, loved by many. By the way, I was no exception, and is also fun to use a few bottles. Perhaps, if not for her “sister” Cabaret Premiere, I would have stayed on this version of mascara.

It’s soft and medium thickness, as for me, the best time to create the effect of lush lashes — not too liquid, but not dry. Eyelashes already perfectly applied, even with the first layer, separates them and leaves no lumps.

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Rating: 5 points

Price: about 250 rubles

Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere in shade 01 Black. My love and favorite among all the mascaras for lashes that I have ever used. My lashes look “forward”, so the photo is not only the result, but in the life of the lashes very lush, long, while the brush separates them well and does not stick.

The texture here is slightly different — immediately after the opening watery, you need to “suffer” for about a week, so the mascara is slightly dry.

Price: about 250 rubles

Rating: 5+++

Vivienne Sabo Cabaret Premiere Waterpoof in shade 01 Black. The idea is that it should be mascara, absolutely similar to the previous one, but water resistant. In fact, from Waterpoof too dry consistency, with the “help” that appear when overlaying mini-lumps (not too noticeable with makeup on, but still), and also, for me personally, not quite convenient brush. Despite the fact that visually all three brushes are similar, only that I stained not only the lashes, but the upper eyelid.

If not chic, water-resistant, which is very important for me in the summer, I would not buy it again. But once this mascara is able to withstand even swimming in the sea, every summer she appears in my mind.

Price: about 250 rubles

Rating: 4 points with stretch for excellent durability.

Overall impression: despite its “anti-crisis” price, this mascara has received hundreds of positive ratings and has become the must-haves of thousands of girls. I was no exception, and also join the General enthusiasm. Cabaret Waterpoof of course I can’t call it the perfect mascara for myself, however, and it is the place to be.

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If you are looking for a budget mascara with good performance, Vivienne Sabo Cabaret, for me, the priority.

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