Mascara Benefit They’re real mascara black

A post about my favorite, the perfect mascara.

I love when mascara gives a noticeable effect. But the most important requirement for me — super durability. All will die, and I stay is about her. Mascara Benefit They’re real is impossible to remove from the lashes without heavy artillery. For me this is a major plus. Besides, it gives a nice effect on the lashes. They look bright, lush and long.

5 years I have not had a mascara better than waterproof Givenchy with a round brush until I tried this mascara at her friend.

I was pleased that this mascara tip too round and the result they give is very similar, but with a round brush I have more “agility”, but this I do not scratch his eyelids.

Silicone brush

She was phenomenally resilient. I put it on in the morning, took the whole day, went to a party, from the party straight to work (without sleep, so no washing off mascara), work from a gym, from room to sauna, from the sauna, dive in the pool, the last two steps by building a number of times. What do you think happened to the mascara? She looked like I just struck! Under the eyes had no grains. Moreover, at home there is a problem with removing it. I use a lotion Clarins One step facial cleanser, which easily copes with persistent products. But this mascara was beyond him. After this, I certainly wanted to own this mascara. Besides, I like the way look with her eyelashes.

My lashes without mascara is absolutely not outstanding:

Special bend are the same, so I always curl them before applying mascara

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Compare the eyes with mascara and without

One layer gives a natural effect

The ink rests evenly along the entire length, envelops the lashes, does not stick, does not leave lumps, lifts lashes.

I smear her upper eyelid. For me there is nothing worse in makeup than the prints of mascara on the eyelid. If I plan to shade, then apply it first to remove the fingerprints.

You RUB your eyes, get in a downpour, a Blizzard, and the Apocalypse. No crumbs of mascara will not fall under the eyes, imprint or spread.

I like how the mascara opens up the eyes. Eyelashes keep bending, up to the time of removal of the carcass.

The ink is deposited in a single layer

Benefit They’re real

How the mascara looks on my face in General:

As usual, my eyelashes on one eye works better than the other

Also, the ink well superimposed, and you can create a more dramatic effect, as for example, in my makeup for Halloween.

Mascara Benefit They’re real applied in several layers

Ironically, the mascara that I bought off my favorite tool from Clarins. Although I specifically bought a tool that offers a Benefit for removing this mascara. Medium format milk, which I absolutely do not like. But there are only 100ml, so you can take it in short trip aboard.

This mascara has replaced all the rest of my cosmetics. With her just do not want to use anything else.

Pros: volume, effect from natural to evening, unbeatable durability, convenient brush

Cons: none

Rating: 5+++

Price: around 25 euros

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