Mascara Lancome Hypnose custom-wear volume mascara 01. New interpretation of the classics

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Mascara is Hypnose by Lancome I have used without interruption for about three years. Interrupted the series of purchases just because enthusiastic butiroksana, where almost every issue there is black ink. In 2018 Lancôme have released my favorite mascara in an updated package and I’m really excited to try it.


The manufacturer promises a mascara with the same legendary formula, but in a new package. Packaging has undergone a slight change, has become more elegant and modest.

Brush silicone-medium size, the bristles form a spiral. Limiter works well the mascara on the brush, there is nothing more (so no clumps on the lashes), the excess mascara is necessary to remove only the tip of the brush, where there is no stubble.

The volume of 6.2 ml.

Shade: 01 noir hypnotic (black)

Production country: France

Shelf life after opening: 6 months



Mascara Hypnose is a pleasure! I’m not very straight hands, but this brush I’m not poked in the eye and minimally stain the eyelid (in most cases, does not stain).

mascara in several layers, before/after

From the first application of the new packaging, I immediately remembered how loved this mascara before. And no wonder:

  • My straight lashes curled
  • The lashes are so separated that when applying mascara in a single layer seems to no makeup and eyes by themselves are expressive. Say no to spider legs!
  • Mascara can be layered to obtain the desired volume, and the cilia still remain divided on 3 and 4 layer of mascara. With the classic Hypnose drama effect you don’t get anywhere, but Say no spider legs! 😄
  • From morning until late at night, the makeup looks fresh. The mascara does not crumble and is not printed on the concealer ❤
  • Hypnose is a very comfortable mascara, it is easy and I absolutely do not feel the eyes all day. I have sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses.

Lancome Hypnose makeup

If you complain, you can mention that it washed off a little harder than most niedostatki competitors. Also, some people can confuse a small amount of product, but I have no one mascara in my life is not spent until the end: they all dry up sooner than the end.

Price: about 1800 rubles depending on where you buy them

Rating: a solid 5


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