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Hello! Today we will talk about the mascara, the purchase of which is repeated once more.

Mascara Morning — one of my favorites. Only remember one-the only one that did not like. Seeing this new product purchased.

Mascara — thick coal-black cream. Consistency is what we need. Fuzzy brush for my small eyes she’s a big lady and sometimes when applying hurting lower eyelids/lashes, but after drying all the uncertainty is easily removed with a dry cotton swab.

Many are recruited from mascara on the brush — someone won’t like it. Actually, I love the “bold”-dyed lashes, a La “spider legs.” But with this mascara, two coats is overkill.

To achieve the effect of “bold”-dyed with liquid ink (usually a “liquid” they are still quite new), I’ll “pass” on the lashes in 2-3 coats. With “Total Temptation” all I need is just once, because again, the mascara is thick but easily stained lashes.

Eyelashes “to”/one layer/two layers of mascara:

Two coats of mascara, even for me — lover glued lashes — this is the mAh) In this case we have to separate them with a needle. But your lashes look like false.

For daytime makeup is enough for me this mascara in a single layer. Sun-mascara deep black color:

From the pros:

a Grand volume, lengthening and Curling eyelashes;

even under two layers of mascara lashes stay soft;

during the day, does not crumble and is not printed (“survived” even the rain);

mascara on the eyelashes looks very impressive.

Of the minuses:

big for me brush;

when applied in two coats the lashes stick together and have to “Tinker” with the needle to be separated. May ink designed to be applied in a single layer.

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I tried to wash off mascara in “fat” two layers just warm water — can be removed without problems fingers eyelashes (“stockings”). But I don’t wash, so apply the cotton pads with mitsellyarnoi for a few seconds and no black stains and spots — ink washes out perfectly, especially in migracyjna space.

The volume mascara: 8,6 ml

Color: black.

Made in Italy.

Rate: 419 rubles without discounts.

Term test: more than two months on a daily basis.

Rating: 5 with a minus. I think that will not appeal to those who like the effect the natural “no makeup on eyelashes.”

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