Mascara Nars Mascara Excess Black Explicit

New mascara Nars promises us the same as all manufacturers of mascara: super volume and super curl.

I have tried many different mascaras and I realized that actually, anyone can achieve gorgeous eyelashes, here is the most important skill. So I just have a few requirements for the formula of the mascara. She has to be super water resistant and does not crumble. And since I bought a mascara that doesn’t meet the main requirement, so it’s really something.

It does not need any skill. Application takes a matter of seconds, and the result is amazing!

Very pleasant to the touch packing

The usual form of brush voluminous mascara

Brush case, with all sides the same

Show your lashes without mascara. Quite ordinary, nothing outstanding lashes. Bending do not have, but as the Lama down on me.

Eye room 1

Eyes number 2

The natural curve is quite small

Eye room 2: bending identical

For comparison, the mascara on one eye. I always brush the lashes before applying mascara.

The ink is deposited in a single layer

I really like the effect. Out in this impressive eyelashes. Look fluffy and separated. No lumps and shedding.

Mascara Nars Excess

Eye room 1

Eyes number 2

Finally, I apologize for the terrible quality, since this is a screenshot from the video. I applied the mascara in the store, saw this, he immediately took the story in Instagram and ran to buy! I think this effect can not fail to impress.

The first impression from the carcass

Pros: noticeable effect, not printed on the eyelids during application, no flaking, soft brush

Cons: not waterproof

Rating 4 (for lack of a water-resistant version)

Price: 2199 rubles

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