Mask Age Freeze from Double Dare OMG!

Familiarity with the brand is Double Dare is gaining momentum, and today I will tell you about the two masks. Both of them are code name Age Freeze and directed, as you understand from the title, to stop aging. Loud sounds, isn’t it?

Actually, I loved packing all the tools that I tried. And though I them and throw them away as unnecessary, not to mention the fact can not.

Here, in the case of Age Freeze we are dealing with pictures, and in fact a brief description of the appearance of masks. It’s quite intriguing. I must admit I immediately ran to use them as soon as I unpacked the box))


But let’s explore this.


Double Dare Age Freeze Gel Mask

This gel mask with lifting effect. Promises this: anti-age action against wrinkles, brightening, firming, softening and peeling of the skin.

The mask is in a plastic bottle with pump, 100ml capacity. Pump comfortable, provides funds as long as necessary.

Mask in gel form. It should be applied on cleansed skin, and after drying wash off with water.

It works like this: absorbed about 5 minutes, then I got her about the same. Dries in a fairly elastic crust, but I’m not talking to her, and she at me does not crack. In the process it dries like gel masks-films, only much more tightly lying on the skin, making the impression very very good lifting. Resulting swelling like a blow under such oppression)) And the denser the layer, the stronger this effect. The mask is especially good in the morning for those who suffer from edema. Sort of a crash course for the acquisition of normal form))

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Then we just wash off the mask with water. It needs a little massage to all extracts, of which the composition a lot, better penetrated into the skin, providing the rest of the manufacturer’s promises.

And if they are not so obvious — that is, I don’t see the immediate smoothing of wrinkles or exfoliate (though I use the mask continuously for a long time), the effect of tightening the face is very interesting and palpable. I hadn’t met another similar tool. That is, I use the gels from swelling to the eye, but that is for the entire face — for the first time. Such a surgeon if necessary))


Looks mask as a normal mask:

Composition with a bunch of different extracts. There is alcohol on the skin is not felt. The mask does not cause any inconvenience — no redness, no itching, no flaking (remember, I have normal skin type).

Double Dare Age Freeze Mask Veil

And this mask veil for moisturizing the skin. Works: moisturizes, increases skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. With ceramide and hyaluronic acid, the mask provides deep hydration and softening of the skin and peptides help to even out skin tone and combat the signs of aging.

Packaging — soft tube liquid and 100 g of white cream. Escapes from the hand, it is necessary to distribute quickly. But the consumption is small.

The principle of using masks is the same: to put up, to wash)) But let’s dwell a little more detail. So, white cream spreads easily over skin, it makes no sense to put a thick layer, I make a mean. A few minutes the mask dries and I’m again left on the face. There is no such constricting feelings, they only partly. In the process of finding the mask on the face is not happening nothing particularly interesting. The entertaining begins when you start to wash it. When in contact with water it softens and becomes something resembling foam on boiling milk)) the Swatch will be slightly lower. And then she did dissolve.

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Here the mask is frozen and where it has been applied and the middle layer, I can’t even see if the skin is something there.

And here I started off really unusual?

So how does it work? There are no short-term effect, and perhaps it’s even good. That is not disposable, it takes time to load. Peptides generally useful thing, and with constant use they are especially beneficial to the skin. In other actions, the launch of collagen and you know what that means — evenness, smoothness of the skin, slowing aging of the skin and its regeneration.

The main thing is to be patient, and this effect hook. If the skin becomes tighter, smoother. Now, I have no strong issues to notice the wow effect, thanks to existing jars, but with continued use it is a good supportive care.

I especially like to use the mask after peeling, both regular and acid. An average of 3 times a week.



Tried something similar?

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