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Inside a sparkling new collection of the best components that moisturize, give radiance and model the contour of the face. Colloidal silver effectively fights acne, so you were always sure of their perfection. For firmness, elasticity and hydration responds to the combination of hyaluronic acid, moisturizing factor Na PCA and vitamin complex Liposentol. The aloe Vera gel ensures proper circulation of blood to his cheeks he was always nice and natural flush, and the Echinacea extract gives the face a velvety texture and incredible softness. A list of aerospace components completes pearl powder, radiant and illuminating skin with a gentle glow.
Some time ago I already told you about black mask wrap brand Mixit, which has made me a positive impression just by its design and flow. Moon Gravity Mask has a higher rating on the otzoviki, but there opinions vary greatly.
You see, the promises of the manufacturer (marketers?) tempting, but I treat them somewhat skeptical initially. In my system of weights and measures of the mask film and one of the most modest effect on rendered beauty products. They are usually designed to remove dead skin cells, blackheads and possible to align the terrain. The bonus is hair removal face. But I fully admit that my knowledge was outdated and the films you can really get a moisturizing, facial, elasticity and the list goes on. Let’s deal.

Water, isopropyl alcohol, polyvinyl alcohol, glycerin, PROPANEDIOL, aloe Vera gel, herbal extract of Echinacea, D-panthenol, partenavia ether, vitamin e, vitamin C, sodium ascorbate, sodium salicylate, citric acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, vitamin a, vitamin F, allantoin, natural moisturizing factor sodium, colloidal silver, pearl powder, xanthan gum, perfume, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, mica, glitter

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In the compositions I’m not very strong, but the presence of large amounts of alcohol is always worrying – the facial skin can greatly blush.

Method of application:
Ready to arrange a brilliant party in the style of MIXIT? No, you do not need outfits with sequins and a lot of time. It will be sufficient for 20-40 minutes apply on clean face Moon Gravity Mask, avoiding eyes and areas of hair growth. From the first seconds of the application of radiant particles novelties will set an awesome mood and provide the skin with unparalleled care. Note: the mask can be removed only after you nataccess enough space mask that will respond to millions of comments and will share in Instagram secret to a good mood. Did? Now gently take off Mask Moon Gravity movement from the bottom up and check out the brilliant result.

For my taste looks fascinating. When I first opened the jar somehow reminded of pink river in one of the movies Ghostbusters.
Smell is very alcoholic, the veil of alcohol even bitter flavor is not able to overcome.
Texture it a little more dense than the Interstellar Mask. Viscous stretching from the main mass to the brush/finger/spatula.
With the application and distribution is no problem, stars and glitters is not pricked and does not interfere. The skin looks very nice and impressive. Remember instagram? It’s time to please subscribers the next latest trend look ohms.

It dries in 30-40 minutes, removed a layer and leaves behind sparkles and scraps on the skin

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To the gun, it is absolutely indifferent.

The first time after the removal may be minor redness on the nose and attached to his wings zone on the border with the area around the eyes. But this phenomenon is not always observed. When you remove the shiny residue with the tonic (no alcohol) I feel a mild burning sensation.

— Skin becomes smoother, the relief is smoothed, slightly narrowing the pores.
— there is no feeling of tightness or dryness
— the complexion is a little more fresh and smooth
— dry cream easier to spread
— the skin looks a little glossy.

In General, global change is not happening. The effect lasts not so long. Lifting Express hydration or elasticity I didn’t notice. Just the mask, which neproblemny will prepare the skin for makeup application. Now, that is all.

Price: 995 rubles.

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